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(REVIEW) Ever Mate Eyelash Adhesive *Dark-Black*

Hello fellas !
Are you a big fan of fake lashes /falsies? 
If you are ,you need eyelash adhesive for sure.Now i will tell you a so-so eyelash adhesive product from ever mate.This is my first time having black eyelash adhesive.I had clear eyelash adhesive from eye putti before and i'm curious about black eyelash adhesive.
Weeks ago i went to hypermart to buy snacks and found Ever mate eyelash adhesive dark black on beauty part of the store.Because of my curiousity i quickly grab that eyelash adhesive and buy it.But after i tested it ,i quite disappointed with this product ,why? let's find out

The packaging is really seductive , it's written "World's largest seller" so i really interested when i first see it.Beside that promotion word ,the packaging is same as another eyelash adhesive packaging.

1. Put your eyeshadow,eyeliner and mascara before your false lashes
2.Apply a thin line along base of false lash. (Never apply directly to your eyelids)
3.Let set for 30 seconds or until sticky.During this time,holding the lash by both ends of the base strip,flex it back and forth forming the shape of a horseshoe.
4.Center the lash close to the base of your natural lashes and press ends into place.Press while you wait the eyelash adhesive dry

Gently peel lash strip from outer to inner corner of lid.( Do it really gently !)

Storage Instruction :
Clean and remove any hardened adhesive from tip of tube.

Made In Korea

front side

back side

when i squeeze the tube,the black eyelash adhesive just came out a lot ,have to take time to apply it on the fake lashes ughh super crazy. It needs super long time to dry and when i open my eyes it turns out good. But 1 hour later the fake lashes on inner and outer corner are loose ,it's really annoying.
What i love about this black eyelash adhesive is you don't need to reapply your eyeliner since it's already black.

When i want to get rid of the fake lashes ,it's super hard. The eyelash adhesive is like super sticky glue. It hurts my eyes even i peel it gently. the black eyelash adhesive makes my eyeliner and yhe adhesive itself hard to clean.

Rating : 2.5/5
Repurchase ? hmmmm so sorry i have to say no

1.Seductive packaging
2.Full information on the back of the packaging
3.Doesn't need to reapply eyeliner

1.Need a long time to dry
2.Runny adhesive (meleber)
3.Last for 1 hour
4.Super sticky ,hurt my eyes
5.Hard to clean the rest of eyelash adhesive on my eyes
6.Doesn't worth the price ,it's IDR 52k

Thanks for reading
Have a nice day

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  2. Aku pake Ardelle ngie, tahan lama, enak bgt deh^^ harga 60rb

    1. Beli dimana kak?? Aku lagi pengen eyelash adhesive yang warna item nih soalnya kalo bening mesti aku tumpuk eyeliner biar rapi

  3. Wah aku juga sebel kalau pakai eyelash glue yang suka ninggalin bekas lengket di mata. Huhuhu. Thankyou reviewnya , ngie. Jadi bisa lebih selektif lagi deh nyari eyelash glue. ^^

    1. Bener banget ce ,susah banget dibersihin nya trus pas dilepasin sakit banget gara2 lengket .thank you ceceee ♥♥

  4. same problem with me ! aku juga kalo pake glue yang item susah banget ilanginnya T_T

    Love, Leonita

    1. Iya ce apalagi ini glue nya kuat banget ,bener2 nempel .Sakit banget pas mau ngelepasnya

  5. waaa u look so pretty :D , sayangnya susah dibersihin, g recomended buat yg matanya sensitif dong yah?

    1. Thank you ^^ bener2 gak recommend kalo produk ini hehe soalnya hasilnya sangat g memuaskan ,cuma emang gak perlu timpa eyeliner lagi sih bagusnya

    2. Ak nominasiin km buat Liebster Award yah :D

      Liebster Award

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  7. Huaa.. gak sebanding ama harganya yahh..
    Cc mala suka yg putih gt non kerinya kan invisible.. ^O^
    Thanks reviewnyaa.. u looks pretty♥

    1. iya nih ce , tapi kalo yang putih harus ditimpa eyeliner ce ^^
      Thank you cc ellen cantik <3


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