Saturday, March 29, 2014

Flirty Make Up Look (Tutorial + FOTD)

Heyy viewers 
Today i'm gonna share some FOTD and tutorial about flirty make up look ^^
I made this fotd for the 2nd blogiversary giveaway 
ahhh so excited....
Congratulations for the 2nd blogiversary it must be so fun blogging for two years ,i wonder if i blog for two years hahaha

Anyone who wants to join her giveaway click here , it ends on march 30th ,so be fast
i entered the first gift which is the benefit set and sugarpot wax ^^

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Mini Make Up Haul

Heyyy viewers
Last saturday i went to the only etude house counter in my town
i was really really excited
i went there before but that was when i still don't know about make up hahahaha 
So this time ,i have to buy everything i want *evil laugh*

So the Etude house counter was located in Kuta Square D-34
Jl. Khayangan Suci 8-Bali

phone : 0361 – 963 1078 

Well the store is pink and it's really cute ,i was really excited so i didn't take any photos.
once i got there all in my brain was get in and take everything you can hahahaa
When i entered the counter they greet me "Good Morning Princess" 
Nice greetings from the store ^^

So what did i buy??

Sunday, March 23, 2014

(REVIEW) 7 Revolution Hair Clip + How to apply

Hii lovely viewers 
Just a bit chit chat for this review opening hahaha
so i was really tired of studying but national exam is really near blegghh
To refresh my brain i decide to make this post 
hope you like it ,enjoy reading ;;)

I ordered this hair clip from ig : lookdeloopshop ,i personally recommend this shop for you guys because it was trusted and their products are really eyecatching and have a good quality 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

IBB Make Up Challange (Natural Glow)

Heyy viewers ,so this is the first time i join the IBB makeup challange *drum roll*
IBB stands for indonesian beauty blogger ;;)
This month IBB and menard present an interesting make up challange
the theme is natural glow simple but a bit tricky 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

(REVIEW) Etude House Sweet Cupcake All Over Color

Good evening viewers
i just finished my practical examination ^^ thanks God
But the national exam is still one month away so i have to study hard
Yesterday was my friend's sweet 17th birthday party and luckily my new toy i mean makeup has arrived safely
i bought sweet cupcake all over color from koreabeauty ,unfortunately they sent wrong color but it's okay since i like it too hahaha

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

(REVIEW+MINI PHOTO GALLERY) Etude House Alphabetical Sheet Mask

Hi viewers ^^
Today i'm going to review about Etude House Alphabetical Mask
This is a fresh products ,few months ago it was released
*Cute packaging alert*
bee do bee do hahahha

Saturday, March 8, 2014

(REVIEW) Etude house moonlight in spoon blending sleeping cream *recommend*

Hey viewers ,i miss you guys so damn much
Due to my final exam i can't post anything to my blog *sad*
well for the news i changed my blog name -->
since poetry of golden dream is harder to remember 
okay so ,few weeks ago i won a little giveaway held by an online shop name JT olshoop on facebook *cheers*
I was really excited and they gave me some pink samples(i don't know why the giveaway are all pink) of their beauty products and here it is ...