Wednesday, March 19, 2014

IBB Make Up Challange (Natural Glow)

Heyy viewers ,so this is the first time i join the IBB makeup challange *drum roll*
IBB stands for indonesian beauty blogger ;;)
This month IBB and menard present an interesting make up challange
the theme is natural glow simple but a bit tricky 

So yeah this is really important for beauty bloggers ,and for me it is a big opportunity that i can join this challange ^^

  1. Face : body shop moisturizer,etude house cc cream,body shop all in one bb cream
  2. Concealer : max factor under eye concealer
  3. Eyebrow : NYX eyebrow cake powder
  4. Eyes : Lancome eyeshadow ( i used the top two pallete),face shop simple eyeliner
  5. Eyelash :clinique mascara + maybelline the falsies
  6. Lips :oriflame lip gloss + oriflame peach lipstick
  7. Blusher :etude house sweet recipe cupcake all over color (strawberry chiffon)
  8. Highlighter :giordani gold dreamy moments illuminating pearls 
 After 30 minutes i produced this look ,check this out ^^

what do you think viewers??
wish me tons of luck ^^
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Goodnight Viewers
warm hugs ,
ig :patricia19ev


  1. Goodluck dear, hihihi..
    Cantik banget Ngie.. :*

    1. Harus member ibb ternyata T.T jadi ya ini lotd sama fotd aja ^^
      Thank youuuuu ,kamu juga lusss :*
      GBU ^^

    2. gapapa, nanti kamu jd membernya aja trus ikut lombanya.. overall, kamu disini kayak flawless gitu..

    3. Lus ternyata aku udah member ,thank Goddd bisa ikutaaannb ♥.♥ aduhh senangnyaaa ,aduh thank you banget lus ,join my site ya say ,nanti aku join yours

  2. cakep plus mulus. good luck ya ^^

    1. Makasih kakak ^^ sayangnya yg belum member ibb gak bisa ikutan T.T aku juga baru tau dari ibb nya

  3. Cantik dear, setauku emang buat member tapi kan yg maret ini katanya spesial, boleh yg gak member, asal beauty blogger.. katanyaa sihhh

    1. Makasih kak ^^ iya kak kata ibb nya harus member group fb ibb jadi tinggal join group nya aja ♡♡ ,goodluck ya kak ,goodluck juga buat semua yg ikut

    2. Oo jadi selama ini membernya itu member facebook kah? Aku kira member registered blog ibb....

    3. iya kak ,aku juga baru ngeh pas nanya ibbnya ,pertama aku juga kira yang udah member registered ibb ternyata yang member group fb ibb hahaha


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