Saturday, June 7, 2014

(MAKEUP TUTORIAL) Summer Cheerful

Hi lovely viewersss ♥♥
Today I will talk about how to get cheerful look for summer
What do you think about summer?
well I live in Bali ,it's like summer everyday
Summer is when holiday starts and you can go to the beach without fear of freezing lol
But I wish I can get through winter though

Few days ago I entered FOX Sparkling friendship competition 
That's the link of my submission ,don't forget to open the link and like or share ^^
It means so much for me and my friend 

Okay let's move to the tutorial 
Since it's a competition I think we have to do our best.
I did the makeup and my friend choose the wardrobe if you want to know here more ,she's a new fashion blogger,you can check her blog -->
Okay this is my look and the tutorial

1.Apply cc cream 
2.Apply concealer
3.Apply loose or compact powder
4.Apply highlighter and bronzer for shading

1.Apply eye primer
2.Apply green and yellow eyeshadow
3.Apply eyeliner
4.Apply mascara and falsies
5.Don't forget to draw the eyebrows

1.Apply concealer on outer lips
2.Apply orange liptint 

1.Apply orange liptint you use on your lips
2.Blend well 

And you're done 
Super simple and you can create fresh look ^^

1.Apply thin layer of cc cream and a bit more concealer so it will be super natural 
2.If you have orange blusher you can use that 
3.Keep it simple and fresh with cool color 
4.Smile to the camera ^^ smile is your best makeup 

1.Etude house cc cream silky shade light beige
2.Elf tone correcting concealer and very me cover up concealer
3.Pigeon compact powder
4.Etude house easy brow pencil shade 2
5.Victoria secret runway beauty kit
6.Mizzu eyeliner
7.Maybelline the falsies mascara
8.The face shop stamping on my lips orange liptint

Here's the result of our photoshoot 
Narcissism alert lol

Thank you so much for reading 
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Warm Hugs,


  1. Replies
    1. Hihi model sehari buat lomba FOX hehe
      Cc lebih kayak model ♡♡

  2. good luck~~
    nice photo by the way.. ^^

  3. wish u luck :D
    mind to follback ?

    1. Thank youu ^^
      Will follow back for sure ;;)

  4. Nice post. both of you such a cutie!

    kindly check out my fashion blog,
    xo Diras

  5. Hahahaha,, lucu banget km,, nice post Patricia.. (^^) foto2nya lucu2 suka,,,
    Btw km tinggal di bali, dimnanya sayang ? nanti kalau aku liburan di bali aku calling km ya. :D hihihi

    1. Hihi panggil aku angie aja kak ^^
      Iya kak di bali ,di daerah kuta kak
      Boleh2 hihi ^^
      Thanks for visiting kak ^^


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