Sunday, June 22, 2014

THINK PINK NAILS (nail salon review)

Hi amazing readers !
Have you ever been to a nail salon?or getting a manicure and pedicure?
Today i will review THINK PINK NAILS nail salon which is located in Bali and what they offer.
This is a nail salon i really recommend ,so if you go to Bali ,don't forget to visit Think Pink Nails !
So how do i know this place?
Answer : Think Pink Nails facebook page (
I accidentaly found their facebook page and i'm really interested beacuse it's located in Bali and near my house.So without thinking any longer i contacted Think Pink nails through facebook message and i said that i want to come and review their nail salon.They replied that i can come and review their nail salon ,omg i was super excited because their facebook pictures are all fantastic and really look professional.

Few days later, i went to the salon. I called the salon and i said i will come now but i arrived 30 minutes later because of traffic jam ughhh.I don't know that this place is really near my house.I recognized their cute THINK PINK NAILS billboard*picture below* so i don't really need time to get lost lol.Their salon is really cute.I love the idea of pink stripes wall ,It's elegant and cute ,love it.

When i come into the salon ,the first thing i see is the front desk and lots of bags ,nail polishes and their Think pink Nails sign.For me the place feels like home ,it's comfortable and really welcome the guest ,the staff are all friendly ,i really like them.

On the right side of the door there is a glass shelf full of nail polishes that they sell and another nail thingy.

The white message chair is where adult get their manicure and pedicure ,it's wide and super comfortable.
The cute pink chair is a princess chair,Kids who want to get their nails done sit on the princess chair ,super cute !

On the ceiling there are lots of hanging football pictures,why?They alaways updated what's going on in the world now ,so for example if christmas come they will stick santa claus or christmas tree hanging pictures but because this month is world cup so they hang cute football pictures along their salon.

Not just updated the salon's hanging pictures , They always add nail polishes every season. The staff (Mbak Desi) who accompanied me around the store told me that they already have 2000+ nail polishes on the shelf .They imported the nail polishes from America,Singapore,Malaysia and another country.Omg they're amazing.

On that big nail polishes shelf i saw a NYC building miniature ,Mbak Desi said that their bosslady was live in NYC back then.Maybe when she missed NYC she can look to this cutie NYC miniature.


Audrey hepburn's quotes on their wall really captivate my eyes,i love that quotes.I probably will paint that quotes on my house later lol

This is the manicure table and surprisingly i met a PR lady ,she work with travel blogger and food blogger. omg unfortunately she didn't work with beauty bloggers.She's super friendly ,nice to meet you ^^

Beside the manicure table there are nail polish dryer. When you dry the nail polish,you will get a back massage. I will tell you later about their offer.

After mbak Desi show me the salon around finally we can sit down and chit chat LOL. Actually i was asking lots of question but i already told you earlier hehe
  1. Think Pink Nails opened on September 2012 ,so now it's their second year.
  2. Most of the staffs are girls but there are 3 boys working for Think Pink Nails too .They're all so friendly
  3. While The staffs doing manicure and pedicure,you can order drinks, they have signature beverage like the one in front of me ,it's "THINK PINK LEMONADE" and i got cupcake too yay !
  4. Think Pink Nails is the FIRST KIEHL'S BRANCH on Bali ,as you can see on picture below
  5. Think Pink satffs are all professional,they're all trained well
  6. Think Pink will enlarge their salon.
  7. There are three types of manicure and pedicure
Kiehl's Shelf

Well Now i will explain 3 types of manicure and pedicure :


1.Signature manicure & Pedicure

For signature manicure and pedicure they use Famous branded nail polishes such as OPI,Essie,Butter London,etc.

2.Premium manicure and pedicure

For Premium manicure & pedicure,They use Designer/famous artist brand such as Givenchy,Chanel,YSL,etc

3.Gel manicure and pedicure

Gel manicure and pedicure is the most expensive on Think Pink because they use gel polish which dry faster and last longer than another ordinary nail polishes.

After chit chat with Mbak Desi about Think Pink Nails nail salon ,i got a complimentary signature manicure and pedicure woohoo thank you so much Think Pink Nails !

She shows me OPI neon color and she say that it's summer trend and because we live in Bali you have to wear neon color.Actually i like pastel color from Essie but it's so last year that's why i want to try something new.I didn't choose any of OPI neon color because it didn't suits me well.After looking and searching i foung China Glaze neon color and it's amazing.

After choosing the color ,she let me sit on Think Pink massage chair to get my manicure and pedicure. Mbak Shinta do the manicure and Mbak Wayan do the Pedicure.They're so friendly and professional. I hope i can see them soon.Okay let me explain manicure and pedicure step . I'm not a professional so if my explanation is wrong please tell me.

Before i explain the manicure and pedicure set ,let's see what they bring to prepare mani pedi session.
They bring lots of mani padi tools such as nail polish remover,cuticle cream,hand sanitizer,cotton pad,calus remover,nail file,nail cutter and many more.beside those mani pedi tools there is a drink menu ,so you can order signature think pink beverages while waiting your mani pedi done.


First thing first,mbak wayan take my feet to the warm water ,it cleans my feet.Then she uses nail files to reshape my nails to a beautiful oval shape.Once reshaping done she uses cuticle cream to cover the nails.After a while she removes all the naughty cuticles and make my nails look tidy and clean.Then she massages my feet.when the nails are on the perfect shape ,she uses callus remover that they imported from America to make my feet smoother.Finally she paints my nails. She's super professional,the tools doesn't hurt my feet and she reshape the nails even so it looks so perfect ,amazing !


At the same time ,mbak shinta do the manicure ,the steps are almost the same but what's different is she uses plastic hand gloves fill with cuticle cream and also no need to use callus remover ^^ She makes my nails super pretty !

Voila !
Great job Mbak Wayan and Mbak Shinta , I really love the result. I'm starting to love neon color ,it's a bit crazy but it's new ,it's different ,it's perfect!
Summer all the time since I'm in bali hehe

I got back massage when I dry my nails ,but I think I lost that photo ,I'm so sorry *sigh*
Time to take lots of photos after getting amazing manicure and pedicure! I love my new neon color nails !

Mbak Shinta,Me, Mbak Desi 

Before I went home I get Think Pink go green beach bag and Think Pink flip flops. Mbak Desi said that ,the Boss Lady is trying to persuade her staffs to use think pink go green beach bag everywhere they go .wow not just friendly to people but they're also eco friendly !

How about taking photos on the front desk? Okaayy said Mbak Desi ,and she told us to raise our hand to show our nails color ,Mbak Parti (front desk lady) join us too !
Thank you so much Think Pink Nails for letting me review your amazing nail salon and thank you for the complimentary signature manicure and pedicure !

Rating (my opinion) = 11/10 (beyond perfect!)

1.Cute place and feels like home !
2.Friendly and professional staffs
3.Fantastic service
4.Lots of offers
5.Reasonable price
6.Cute bonuses ( Think pink go green beach bag and Think pink flip flops )

Nothing !

I wasn't paid by Think Pink Nails to review their nail salon ,but I personally want to come and review ,and I fell in love with the service,the quality ,the place itself .it makes me want to comeback to their nail salon !

If you go to Bali and want to visit and try their manicure pedicure ,this is their place information

HOURS : Mon-Sun 10:00 AM -8.00 PM
PHONE : (0361) 9188116
Thanks for reading 
Don't forget to visit THINK PINK NAILS nail salon
Have a nice day

Warm Hugs,


  1. OMG bagusss banget itu tempatnya O.O interior dan exteriornya jg bagus <3 <3
    waaaa koleksi nail polishnya banyak banget *faint* LOL
    Kapan ya ada di sby jg XD

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    1. Iya ceee akk aku juga pas masuk amazed bangeett
      Huahahahaha steal one by one lol
      Kalo ke bali aja ke Think Pink Nails ce ^^

  2. I love the exterior! Tonjolan2 pink nya itu bikin eyecatching bgt >w<
    The interior and display looks too packed IMO but still looks comfortable and pretty ^_^
    Nail polish nya bener2 segudang yah itu xD
    It's amazing they have facials, threading - waxing and complimentary car service as well *O*

    1. Ayok kalo ke bali cuss ke sini ,lucu banget tempatnya ,very cute and unique ^^

  3. nail polishnya banyak nya keterlaluan sihh ini >,< *drooling*
    kursi princess nya uber cute! Nanti kapan2 klo ke Bali mampir ah ksni :D

    1. Benerrr 2000 lebih ckck ,aku aja gak nyangka loh bisa sebanyak itu ,mulai dari pastel sampe neon ,brand nya macem2
      Aku pengennya duduk di princess chair tapi gak muat *loh?*
      Ayok kesiniii ,bareng yaaaa huahahhaa

  4. Ya ampun Angie, aku jadi mau kesanaaa. Tempatnya enak banget dan itu banyak banget kuteknya o.O hahaha. Harganya lumayan lah ya, tapi hasilnya bagus banget, aku suka warnanya. Fresh gitu.. Ah kudu kesana nih kalo mampir ke Bali hehe

    1. Ayo kak mampir kesiniii ,aku anterin muter2 balii ^^

    2. ikut satu yah klo mw kesana ^^ hehehehehe cc jarang pergi" :D

    3. Boleh ce ,main2 sini ke kuta ,biqr bisa jalan2 bareng

  5. Asik banget ada nail salon kyk gitu di bali. Di bdg kyknya jarang bangett..

    Nice post btw :) mind to followback? Hehe

    1. Iya aku juga baru tau sebenernya ada ini ,trus pas dateng ehuy unik bangeett ,koleksinya bejibunn
      Will follback^^

  6. tempatnya seru banget yaa....
    seandainya aku ke bali pasti bakalan mampir duluan ke sana

    1. Iya betulll ,second home for girls hehe
      Yeyyy nanti mampir2 ^^

  7. Tmpatnya seru cantik… pgen… bisa pedi medi brg sakura… hihihi klo k bali mau nyoba ah

    1. Iya ce hehehe
      Ayok kalo ke bali ,main2 kesini ,seru bangeett

  8. Aaa sayang PL nya ga terlalu jelas kelihatan mau ksana ahh kalau ke dps nannti bdway aku dari Bali juga tgl di Buleleng salam kenal ;)

    1. PL apaan ya ? Hehe
      Ayok main2 siniii ^^
      Oalah buleleng jauhhh ,salam kenal kak ^^

  9. Aduhh tempatnyaaaa . lovely banget ya ngie . betah kayaknya berlama-lama disana

    1. Iya ce lovely bangeett ,bener tuh aku lama2 juga gak bosen disana ^^

  10. tempatnya bagus banget ngieee <3
    terus aku suka deh sama kursi little princess itu.. duh jadi pengen dateng kesanaaa!

    ✿ Kawaii Fuku ✿

    1. Ayo ce ke balii ,aku ajak kesini nanti huehehehhe ^^

  11. wah enak banget ya jadi pingin kesitu juga T_T
    you look so mature with that makeup on you :D heheh gak pernah liat kamu gitu xD cocok banget loh cantiiik xD <3

    1. Ayok ka ke siniii ,apik dehhh ^^
      Ahhh kamu juga cantik bangeett ♡♡

  12. aaaa the place is super cute! >.<


  13. waaaaa >< tempatnya kereeeeeeeeeeeeennnn.. dekornya kereeeeeeeeeeeennnn...!!

    1. Iya ce ,keren bangeettt ,kalo ke bali inget ke sini ceee

  14. angieee kamu tambah cantik aja T_T anyway dijual ga ya nail polishnya? aku pengen yg givenchy nihh :(

    1. Ahh ce jenny bisa ajaaa ,dijual ce ,tapi aku gtw yg mana aja
      Setauku sih banyakan OPI yg dijual tapi yg lain juga ada kok

    2. oooh gitu kok aku selama di bali ga pernah nemu tempat beginian sih? eh blog kamu sukses yaaa haha ga nyangka jd beauty blogger :p kangen nihhhh kapan" kita jalan yukkk pas aku, ce nadho, sama ce levi lagi di bali hehee

    3. Aku juga ce ,baru aja aku nemu di fbnya pas liat locationnya ternyata deket rumah hehe ,ahhh iya aku juga gak nyangka ,cece juga jadi blogger ,sukses ya ceeee ♡♡ boleh2 ,tapi aku agustus akhir ke gz ce

  15. tempatnya baguuusss
    kursi princess nya lucu banget !!!
    jadi pengen ke sanaa
    kayaknya staff nya juga ramah banget ya
    jadi makin pengen
    jl batu belig jauh gak ya dr kuta ?

    oya keberatan nggak kalau saling follow ?
    aku udah follow kamu

    1. All over semua disini bagusss
      Batu belig masih di kuta ^^
      Siap ,will follow you

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