Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Bath Box Goats Don't Lie Soap (sponsored)

Hello amazing readers ♡♡
Finally after the long long week without blogging. I really miss blogging here. I need to use vpn to open my blog again.And after looking here and there. My friends give me vpn and i can blog again. I won't be posting frequently because i just have little time and i really need to study. Today i will review The Bath Box Goats Don't Lie Pure Bar Soap and The Bath Box Goats Don't Lie liquid soap. Aischatz gave it to me weeks ago.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

XueJiaLN Foot Care Mask Review - Sponsored

Hello amazing readers,
This will be my last post that I write in Indonesia ,well for this year. Some of you know that I will move to China and I hope I can still blog there because I will be super busy with college. Today I want to review Xue Jia LN foot care mask that I got few weeks ago fron novia skincare. I actually like to pamper my foot because I think foot is an important part of our body right? Without foot we can't walk,can't run.So we should care about our foot too.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sweet Pea Dry Shampoo Review (Sponsored)

Hello amazing people ! It's me again
Do you wash your hair everyday? hmm what if you're travelling and really tired ,don't have time to wash your hair? It's probably my problem. I actually travel quiet a lot so i need something that keeps my hair on a good shape. Dry shampoo is the answer ! So few days ago Sweet pea dry shampoo owner sent me two lovely dry shampoos. I just know that she give me powder dry shampoo ,i thought it would be spray. The benefit of sweet pea dry shampoo is the same as other dry shampoos. It makes our hair in a good shape and also volumize. Dry shampoo absorb oil and that's why it can turn your ugly and oily hair to princess hair .

B•liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads Review - Sponsored

Hello amazing people ,
Today i wanna share with you guys about my current favorite blackheads and whiteheads remover. My skin is normal to oily type and it will become so oily on the t-zone area. Sometimes it caused blackheads and whiteheads.I have been using extractor everyweek , I used some blackheads and whiteheads product too but none of them seems remove them well. Blackheads extractor makes my pores wider than before and it is very painful. Weeks ago B.liv sent me their best seller product which is Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel. After a week of usage ,my blackheads and whiteheads are gone and my pores also shrink.Now i will review this amazing products !

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Waxing Experience at Waxhaus + Giveaway !

Hello amazing people ,
I want to share with you guys about my waxing experience at waxhaus. Before sharing, i would like to tell you stories about naughty hair on my body.So naughty hair on my body isn't thick but there are lots of hair on my arms and leg.The most uncomfortable is on under arms,I really wish that i have underams like korean actress,so clean and white. Beside underarms,legs hair are also disturbing.Many people said that only boys have that much hair so i'm quiet embarrased that i have legs hair.
Luckily waxhaus tell me that i can come and review their cute waxing place.I got free waxing too,lucky me.
Few days ago I went to waxhaus at beachwalk Bali,the waxing place is super cute. If you know me ,you know why i love waxhaus . Yess because it is so cute and fun place to visit.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mizon Sexy-bud Magic Lipstick (sponsored)

Hello beautiful readers,today I will review a poisonous lipstick.
Why poisonous? Because the color of this lipstick is green.wait what?green? Yesssss
It is green but when I applied it ,it become pink lol. Excited to know more?
So few weeks ago sparkling.gee sent me Mizon sexy bud magic lipstick when I open it I was quiet surprised because the color of the lipstick isn't red,pink,orange,purple or another lipstick color.The color is green and then the owner of sparkling.gee or I could say my beauty blogger friend Jessica Liani from said that the color will change after application.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Homemade Sugar Scrub Aromatheraphy Green Tea and Milk

Hello everyone ,i'm here to review homemade products again
Why do i review lots of homemade products? well it's actually because of the sponsors lol.
But what i love about homemade products are they use natural ingredients ,check the quality of products one by one.That's why i love homemade products.
Weeks ago Pretty Recipe sent me two best sellers sugar scrubs ,and they are Homemade sugar scrub aromatheraphy with more function ,green tea and milk.
So let's start the review.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Good Bye Cracking Lips By The Bath Box

Hello Amazing people !
Who likes to wear lipstick/liptint? well i do. I wear it almost everyday but i also care about my lips.
If you wear lipstick or liptint everyday ,your lips will probably be dry and crack sometimes. So what should you do if your lips dry and crack?
Now i will review and share my tips and trick to fight cracking and dry lips .The two products i used are The Bath Box Luxurious Lip Balm and The Bath Box Vanilalicious Sugar Lip Scrub , i got it from Aischatz , Aischatz is an online shop and also The Bath Box seller. All products from The Bath Box doesn't contain Paraben, SLS,SLES, artificial color,artificial fragrance or any other dangerous chemical.All products are made from natural ingredients and handmade.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Bath Box Arm & Leg Butter (Sponsored)

Hello amazing readers
Have you heard about The Bath Box?
For some of you it might be the first time hearing The Bath Box but you won't regret knowing The Bath Box products ,why?
Because The Bath Box products are awesome ! Few days ago I got The Bath Box set from Aischatz
All products from The Bath Box doesn't contain Paraben, SLS,SLES, artificial color,artificial fragrance or any other dangerous chemical.All products are made from natural ingredients and handmade.
Now I will review one of the best seller product from The Bath Box ,It is The Bath Box Arm and Leg Butter.


Hello ladies
Today i will review my new toy hmm sorry i mean my new makeup pallette which is BH hollywood pallette.
I purchased this pallette few months ago from Zatura SCG 
Zatura is an online shop and they import authentic makeup by themself.While BH cosmetic had a 70% discount i quickly bought it so this pallette is cheaper than the real price yay!
Let's review this cutie pallette.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Everyday with Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu

Hello beautiful ladies
Kali ini aku akan mereview rangkaian produk dari brand lokal yaitu Mustika Ratu. Jujur ini pertama kali aku mencoba rangkaian produk dari Mustika Ratu dan hasilnya ternyata wow loh.Special thanks buat Bblog yang mensponsori produk ini.
Nah ,Mustika ratu menciptakan produk baru yaitu Mustika Ratu Simply Stay make Up. Produk ini ditujukan untuk wanita yang aktif,simple dan selalu ingin tampil cantik setiap saat.
Kenapa buat wanita yang aktif? Formula dan kandungan alaminya aman digunakan wanita Indonesia dan mampu mempertahankan make up selama 8 jam.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato

Hello beautiful people
Have you ever eaten gelato? most of you have eaten gelato right?
But have you tried tint in gelato from Shu Uemura?
Actually i like the idea of this tint in gelato. Gelato has creamy and rich texture.Shu Uemura tint gelato has a creamy and sheen texture ,the colour is like mango/orange gelato. yumm yumm lol
Now i will review this yummy lip tint.

Friday, August 8, 2014

(REVIEW) Armando Caruso Makeup Brushes Bag

Hi amazing people, miss me?
Firstly i want to apologize for being unactive lately.Believe me i got lots of things to do
I've been busy for past few weeks, i have to enter college on September and i won't be posting anything on September and i hope everything's going to be normal on October. hmmm let's see
Okay month ago i won a giveaway from Ayou Beauty and surprisingly i got Armando Caruso makeup pouch ,so lovely and useful.If you like to travel this makeup pouch will probably be your travel bestfriend.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

H.I.S. × KBJ Free Japan Beauty Tour Contest

Halo semuanya , Minna san konichiwa ^^
Kalian pasti pengen kan pergi ke negeri Sakura dengan gratis? Kalau mau click banner dibawah ini dan kalian akan punya kesempatan buat pergi ke Jepang dengan gratis !

Kali ini H.I.S dan Kawaii Beauty Japan mengadakan blogging contest dan kalau menang bisa jalan-jalan ke Jepang dengan gratis loh!
So tunggu apalagi guys?
Sekarang aku mau jelasin tentang Kawaii beauty Japan

Saturday, July 26, 2014

(REVIEW) Ever Mate Eyelash Adhesive *Dark-Black*

Hello fellas !
Are you a big fan of fake lashes /falsies? 
If you are ,you need eyelash adhesive for sure.Now i will tell you a so-so eyelash adhesive product from ever mate.This is my first time having black eyelash adhesive.I had clear eyelash adhesive from eye putti before and i'm curious about black eyelash adhesive.
Weeks ago i went to hypermart to buy snacks and found Ever mate eyelash adhesive dark black on beauty part of the store.Because of my curiousity i quickly grab that eyelash adhesive and buy it.But after i tested it ,i quite disappointed with this product ,why? let's find out

Monday, July 21, 2014


HELLO Beauties !
This month i bought some skincare and makeup for own collection LOL. I won giveaways so woohoo i am super happy.Now i will share this month haul,not a lot but i'm still happy i can add some collection to my beauty case and my makeup wardrobe.

Goodbye Nasty Hair - Sugar Pot Wax (Sponsored Review)

Hello georgeous fellas , I'm back ,I'm back
Who's happy?
I'm back with cleaner skin without hair lol. Few weeks ago a package came and it's from woohoo !!
So what is Sugar Pot Wax?

Sugarpot is a natural hair removal with sugaring way.Sugar pot was inspired by woman who has smooth leg ,and really confident because of their hairless leg.Sugarpot was established in April 2012 with hopes that their products can make possible waxing at home without having to go to waxing boutiques/saloon which are really expensive.
I went to waxing boutique once to remove my underarm hair ,it's pretty expensive and it makes my underarm hurts and bleed T.T so no more going to waxing boutique.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

(REVIEW) Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum and Hair Mist

Hello amazing readers,
Today i will share my favorite hair products ,They're Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum and Hair Mist.
I used it daily after wash my hair ,and my hair is now healthier and smoother.
It doesn't take long time to apply this,super easy and useful
Oh by the way i really recommend this products to people with colored hair/ have use hair coloring before.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

(REVIEW) FreshKon Mosaic Velvet Blue

Hello fantastic readers
Firstly i want to say sorry for not update posts frequently.I have to take care of my college.
For the good news ,i will review my first blue contact lense.
It's optical contact lense ,so i can use it daily and it's super comfortable.The lenses are FreshKon Mozaic Velvet Blue.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Second Liebster Award

Hello lovely fellas ,I'm back with an award
I got my second liebster award from .
She's a beauty blogger from Bali ,just like me.I'm super duper excited to know more and more beauty bloggers and thank you so much for nominating me.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Tasya Phan just launch her new beauty blog and she celebrate her new Beauty Blog by making a huge massive giveaway along with her sponsor Etude Recipe.
I just want to say congratulate on your new beauty blog ,it's amazing .You must have skill to blog ,your writing is good too. I really look forward to your beauty blog !and you're from Bali too akkkk. Good luck on you blogging journey and welcome to the family ^^

Saturday, July 5, 2014

(DIET TIPS) How To Lose 2-5 kg in a month?

Hello amazing readers !
I am excited to share with you how i lose 2.5 kg in a month
I love burning fat and lose weight ,who doesn't like having small body and a spanish guitar shape body lol
So months ago my weight was 51 ,and i blame Jakarta for that.I ate too many food in Jakarta omg such a guilty pleasure. Noodles,Fried rice,dim sum oh my God ,i can't help myself eating,eating and eating.
After i came back to Bali ,I start my healthy diet and surprisingly i lose 2.5 kg in a month.My weight is 48.5 kg now.
I will tell you how to lose weight and how to maintain it.

Thursday, July 3, 2014 (The first and the biggest contact lense online shop)

Hello amazing readers,Have you ever heard this quotes, "Smart People.Buy Softlens Online."?
What? never heard that quotes ? Hmm let me tell you an online shop that sell contact lens had open.
It's big ,it's the first ,it's one and only !
They say smart people buy softlens online ,why? lets found out