Thursday, July 3, 2014 (The first and the biggest contact lense online shop)

Hello amazing readers,Have you ever heard this quotes, "Smart People.Buy Softlens Online."?
What? never heard that quotes ? Hmm let me tell you an online shop that sell contact lens had open.
It's big ,it's the first ,it's one and only !
They say smart people buy softlens online ,why? lets found out

I like wearing softlense ,especially color softlens because it makes my eyes cuter.I prefer going to optic to buy softlense because it's way more safe and trusted.But once i heard that an online shop that sells optic contact lense just open ,i  rush and open their website.After that i bought 2 pairs of contact lense.Okay lets see their website.

Once i open the website ,the website is really complete ,what i mean is they sell transparent lense,color lense,solution,even the accessories.On top of that ,there are 2 offers which is FREE SHIPPING for jabodetabek and COD or cash on delivery.For nationwide 7 day money back guarantee.
First impression is good but unfotunately no free shipping fo Bali lol.
They don't sell random softlens.They sell Top brands softlens ,just like optic softlens.
Air Optix,ACUVUE,FreshKon,Dailies,FreshLook,X2,New Look ,Omega, and more brand

On the left side of the page ,you can choose what type of softlense you want.They even have HALAL softlens ,and softlense ASTIGMATISM.You can choose from the brand or color. Of course you can choose accessories too.That's why i said that is really complete.

If you want to know what do the customer like you can see customer's pick ,right in the middle of the page.

Below customer's pic you can see Softlens warna and softlens bening button.Softlense warna is color softlense,softlense bening is transparent softlense.

On the bottom of the page you can register you email to the newsletter column and you can get IDR 10.000 off.
Below that there are shipping and paying method.

After excited about the website ,i become more excited to buy their softlense.Click log in on the top of the page ,if you don't have an account click create an account ,it's easy as making facebook account.
If you have an account log in.
When you have any question just call or chat with softlense professional from Lensza team,they will help you ,and they reply really fast.


1. After log in ,choose the softlense you like ,you can choose softlens ,solution ,and the accessories at once or if you want lots of softlense ,you can choose as many as you like.
After choosing ,choose the softlense power .If left eye and right eye are different,you must pay for two boxes.I chose FreshKon Mozaic Velvet Blue with different power so i have to pay for two boxes/two pairs.
2. Then click PESAN (order).

3.After you click pesan/order ,it will direct you to trolley page. Click selesai belanja/finish shopping.

4.After you click selesai belanja/finish shopping ,time to select billing address,shipping fee,paying method(you can use debit and credit card),and you have the total price.

5.Write this code to the discount voucher column :
LENS10 for 10% discount
iamsmart for IDR 12.000 off
6.Click Bayar/Pay will email order confirmation and paying method
8. After you pay they will email you the receipt
9.Final step. They will email the tracking number

10.After few days you will receive this box.

It's really easy and really save my time,i don't have to go to optic and choose for long time.You just have to sit down and wait for the softlense to come.So on that box there are 2 boxes of softlense , a softlense case and 2 brochures.The softlense boxes were wrapped with bubble wrap so it's super safe.

Look ! i got a discount voucher !and i got a thank you card from Lensza woohoo !

The softlense box is sealed and of course the same as what i look on optic.

Now i don't have to go to optic to buy softlense ,i just have to sitdown ,open my laptop and buy my favorite softlense from !
No need to think again ,it saves your time,trusted,you can consultate with Lensza team too.
They have lots of amazing offers too ,so be sure you follow them ,check them ,and like their page.

 Sponsored by :
Lensza Indonesia
Facebook : Lensza Indonesia
Twitter : @LenszaID
Instagram : @Lensza
Phone : 021 - 90697770
Email :    

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  1. cantikkk nggiiii,,,bagus softlens nyaaa :)

    1. Thank you kak putriii ♡♡
      Iya aku juga suka softlense nyaa akkk

  2. Angie pretty♥♥ pake blue cocok.. fresh ^O^

    1. Thank you ce ellen ♡♡ aku suka biru iniii ,matanya jadi bule lollll

  3. Iyaaa,,, pretty,,,warna softlensnya cocok sm km ngie (^^)

  4. Kamuuuuh cantik amat sih, gemesss :*
    I just know kalo softlens itu ada yg halalnya? Berarti ada yg non juga dong? LOL

    1. Thank you kak ririeee :*
      Iya loh kak ,ada yang halal ,kalo soal yang non halal aku kurang tau juga hehe

  5. You look pretty with blue lens! Dulu sempet cek web lensza ini tp pas stok dy masih dikit. Keren bgt skrg udah banyak pilihan~ *buru2 cek web lensza*

    1. Thank you ci sherr ♥♥
      Mungkin pas dia baru2 opening masih dikit,skrg lengkap ci

  6. Cantiiik...Cocok warna softlensnya di kamu loh.
    Kemasan dari bagus banget!

    1. Thank you ce ^^
      Iya ce kemasannya lucu ,kayak kotak sepatu tapi lebih classy hehe

  7. yuk ikutan MARINA BDO ke Jepang sekarang juga

    khusus pembaca SRS Blog, untuk registrasi di dan akan ditrack langsung oleh Tim Marina :)

    Love, Marina beauty blogger Ollyvia

  8. hai, salam kenal.
    mau tanya, kemaren pas belanja di lenza, slow response ga sih?
    kok aku pesen agak dicuekin yah? padahal udah bayar sekitar 4 hari yang lalu.
    dan ternyata barang belum dikirim sama mereka karna katanya ukuran aku ga ada yang ready stock? aku mau ganti ukuran jadi normal aja, eh, malah lama juga responnya.
    kalo seperti itu kan harusnya dikabarin dong ya?
    masa musti costumer yang tanya2?
    btw, kmu pernah ngeretur pembayaran ga? pengen cancel aja nih, habisnya mengecewakan.

    1. Hello !
      Apa sis beli langsung di website nya? Kalo selama ini aku pesen di lensza sih selalu cepet dan barang cepet sampai juga.Mungkin dalam kasus sis barangnya sedang habis dan lensza sedang sibuk.Apa sudah coba untuk menghubungi cuatomer service? Sabar siss

    2. Hello !
      Apa sis beli langsung di website nya? Kalo selama ini aku pesen di lensza sih selalu cepet dan barang cepet sampai juga.Mungkin dalam kasus sis barangnya sedang habis dan lensza sedang sibuk.Apa sudah coba untuk menghubungi cuatomer service? Sabar siss


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