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Reine Doll Shop's (I Am A Queen) IBB Makeup Challenge - Quirky Queen of Heart

Hey lovely viewersss 
miss all of you so much 
Today i'm gonna post a make up tutorial for Reine doll shop's makeup challange

What is Reine doll shop?
Reine doll shop is an online shop that sells authentic makeup brand such as japanese makeup brand ,korean makeup brand and USA makeup brand.Reine doll is a trusted online shop with an amazing service.
Reinedoll "Your ultimate source of beauty"

Few weeks ago they invited Indonesian beauty bloggers to join their make up challange ,the theme is "I AM A QUEEN"

So if you want to join click the banner ,They extended the challange because lots of bloggers haven't join yet.
The deadline is tomorrow ,make sure you join this challange because the prize is amazing

Let's move on to my submission ^^
I've seen lots of my blogger fellas submissions ,they're all amazing
They're so pretty
At first i don't really know what look should i submit but i move away from my comfort zone and created this look which i call "Quirky Queen of Heart"

I know i don't look like a queen but that's why i decided to make playing card around my eyes and it's queen so it's still "i am a queen" LOL
How can i get this idea?
well i like playing cards and ace is the best card if you want to win ,right?
Unfortunately the theme is "I AM A QUEEN" not "I AM AN ACE" lol
so i decided to draw the playing card around my eyes,hope the shop like it and you my lovely viewers,i hope you enjoy my tutorial
Here it is 

Tutorial :
  1. Apply moisturizer,bb cream,concealer,and powder.Draw your eyebrow(just one) and make smokey eyes with dark eyeshadows
  2. Draw a rectangle with gel liner
  3. Apply eye primer inside the rectangle
  4. Fill the rectangle with white eyeshadow and make another smokey eyes 
  5. Apply eyeliner on both eyes
  6. Draw a 2 Q's and 3 hearts with eye liner and fill the big hearts with red lipstick
  7. Fill all the hearts with red lipstick and line the rectangle with eyeliner to make it bolder
  8. Draw a heart shape on your lips with eyeliner and fill it with red lipstick
  9. Apply fake eyelashes ,apply bronzer to contour your face,and apply blush on one cheek(without the rectangle) and touch up with powder and voila you're done
I know it wasn't that good but i will always learn to make a perfect look
hope you enjoy my tutorial


Okay ,that's it .I hope you enjoy my quirky queen of heart makeup look
Don't forget to join the challange

 If you want to know more of their shop contact them and follow them

Thanks for reading
Have a nice day 

Warm Hugs,


  1. aku kira kamu pake white foundie, ternyata enggak, mukanya putih+mulus bangeeett...
    backgroundnya jg mendukung, good luck ya :D

    1. Makasih kakakk ♡.♡ itu pake bb cream nya the face shop ,emang keren banget ,padahal ada jerawat dimana2 tapi ketutup ^^
      Thank you kak nurina ♡♡

  2. Kulit km bagus bgt angie… suka makeupnya

    1. Gara2 bb cream nya face shop ce hihi ,aslinya jerawatan nih whehehehe
      Thank you ce shantyy ♥♥

  3. Angie kerennnn ^3^
    Nice makeup, suka banget ^_^

    Good luck ya ngie ^_^

  4. Nice make up. It looks simple, but I think it take me times to practice before success...

  5. You look just amazing! I love the whole look, especially your card/eye effect and lips, just beautiful! Great job <3 GIG

  6. I love your original take on a 'queen', I never would have thought of that. Hope you do well! You look fantastic!

  7. That's amazing!! So fun and so creative, I just love what you came up with. <3 GIGLove

  8. cute! it can be used on costume parties :)

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  9. omg u look so cute....great makeup skill babe!!

  10. you look really cute, especially the small pouty lips! hahaha, will be an awesome fotd for some costume party!

  11. awesome!!! The tutorial is fun . Great makeup skill too .Keep it up
    gig love

  12. Wow! Love your look, so creative! Queen of Hearts is my fav character from Alice!!

  13. Aw! This tutorial looks fun. Good luck to the challenge! giglove

  14. Wow, you have skills! I love the make-up, I wish I could do stuff like this.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  15. Woww amazing make up ! It's so quirky and I love it ! :D

  16. OMG so interesting! And you're so creative and cute :D Great skills!

  17. Very nice your makeup! You looks so funny! :D
    gig love
    Travel and Fashion Tips

  18. Nice job with the look! I'm terrible at drawing so I know I'd struggle with the card!

  19. Woooow! What a cool job!! It looks so cool and accurate... I love it (:
    I never heard from this shop, might check it out now :D
    gig love <3

  20. cute! this would be so good for a fancy dress party

  21. I love it! This is such a fun look. Good luck! :)

  22. nook this is lovely. lips that way are amazing. An incredible idea to rock.
    good job, I have to keep this in mind.

  23. Love the final look and i am glad you added step by step pictures!
    Well done and thank you for sharing


  24. Omggg!!! Love your look doll <3 You looked SO beautiful x

  25. Cantik banget. Kreatif dan rapi banget bikinnya. Semoga menang! Good luck.


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