Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(REVIEW) Geo Xtra Love Softlense

Hi guyssss
Second post of may !! hihi
omg i am so excited,because i just won another giveaway which is kiss skincare 15 ml ,check my first impression about that product ,click here
So today i will review Geo Xtra Love softlens , this is the first time i use color softlense
I used the transparent one before and now i want to try the color softlense
i bought this lens from dreamie chuppa

Geo Xtra Love
Brand : Geo
Color : Brown
Water Content : 38%
Diameter : 15mm
B.C : 8.7mm
Life span : 1 year
Made in Korea

Pattern and color :
  1. Like a flower pattern but there are love signs in the petal
  2. Natural and cute ,and i love the color ,light brown and black
  3. without flash it becomes dark brown and black color but with flash it become more visible
Diameter :
  1. It's big ,suits the japanese gyaru eyes
  2. Makes my eyes cuter and more dolly
Comfort :
  1. The first time i used this ,it's really comfortable
  2. 3-4 hours later it becomes dry
  3. first 2 hours i feel comfortable but after that you should use eye drop or your eyes will sore
Comparison :

with flash

You can see how big and the pattern when i use it ,it's natural and makes my eyer cuter and more dolly


So this is how i look with the softlens

Thumbs up :
  • Cute and natural pattern
  • easy to use
  • blend with my eye color
  • comfortable for the first 2 hours
Thumbs down :
  •  3-4 hours later it becomes dry
Rating : 4/5
Repurchase : maybe but i like buying new thing lol

You can buy it here
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  1. Awww patternnya lucu banget >< tapi sayang cepet bikin kering ya? :( akhir2 ini gak bisa pake softlense karena lagi sensitif :( huhuhuhuhu

    1. Iya kak ,unyuuu ,soalnya kadar airnya cuma 38% kak tapi kalo pake eye drop jadi biasa lagi ^^
      Yah sayang bangett ,mataku juga sensitif sih makanya jarang2 pake softlense

  2. Wihhh gede banget ya mata jadinya. Jadi kelihatan tambah cute ngie ^3^
    Nice review ^0^

    1. Iya ceee hihi ^^
      Ah makasih cece luci cantikk ♥♥

  3. Ah cantik… aq suka softlens yg bkin mata yg gede gni… km cantik bgt ga makeup aza uda imoed

  4. aku gak cocok sama softlensnya geo >.< suka kering di mataku. Tp sebenernya semakin besar kadar air ga berpengaruh sama kering/nggaknya lho say.. cuma memang softlens itu kyk skincare sih, cocok2an..
    i like your smile, dear ^^

    1. Yah sayang banget ce ><
      Ohhhh makasih ce masukkannya hihi
      Bener ce ,emang cocok2an gituuu
      Ahhh thank you cece ♥♥

  5. cute as always.. apalagi pas udah pake softlensnya.. ><

    1. Thank youu thank youuu ah kalian juga ♥♥♥

  6. bagus warnanya, jatohnya natural~

    1. Benerr ,jatohnya natural banget tapi lebih dolly dan belo ^^

  7. bagus.. jadi bikin aku pengen nyobain pake softlens lagi hahaha


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