Saturday, May 24, 2014

(REVIEW) schwarzkopf fresh light hair coloring + mini giveaway

Hey guysss
I'm super sorry for being unactive lately ,I went to jakarta for a week and I can't update my blog there ughhh
And now my laptop is broken and I really want to update this beauty diaries so I decided to use my cell phone
I'm so sorry if there will be lots of mistakes but I will try my best to post this review

So today I will review the schwarzkopf fresh light mysterious beige hair coloring

I dyed my hair two weeks ago before i went to jakarta and since i already graduate from high school *cheers* and i got long holidays before i enter college so yeah that's why i dye my hair 
i want blonde color but i don't want to waste money on saloon for bleaching and dying so i bout this DIY hair coloring which really catch my eyes to buy this product.

Okay first impression ,I really love the packaging
It's super cute and I really love the color
I recommend people with dark hair to use light brown color or something like this color because it will change your hair color ,but if you choose dark brown color it won't pop out /unseen lol
Okay let's move on to the review

The left one is the instruction how to use the hair coloring which written in thai language and the right one is the color chart 

This is the color chart , I dyed my hair mahogany red before so I thought it would be like the second one but let's see ^^ 

Oh yeah so this one is coloring instruction in indonesian and what's inside the box
Before i show you what's inside the box,let's talk about the ingredients ^^

I won't mention all the ingredients but how i feel when i apply this hair coloring on my hair.Okay first is the smell,smells soft but it has a bit of stinky smell because it contains ammonium hydoxide.
Oh yeah my head skin is actually a bit sensitive ,it will become itchy when i dye my hair but with this schwarzkopf fresh light hair coloring ,there's no more itchy woohooo 
If your head skin is sensitive or you have a hair coloring allergy i'll tell you some tips :
1.take a bit of hair coloring and put it on your hand and if it's okay then you can use it ,if it's itchy or painful lol,better give it to somebody else who need it lol
So for me the ingredients is super okay ,love ittt

What's inside the box :
  1. Tube of color cream 40ml
  2. Bottle of developer emulsion 80ml
  3. Tube of after-color treatment conditioner20ml
  4. Applicator comb
  5. Protective gloves
  6. Instruction paper
oh yeaahh anddd in the box there's a circle hole and the developer emulsion bottle can get in and make work much easier and tidier.

As you can see in step 1,that's the circle hole
  1. Place the developer emulsion bottle on the box's circle hole and open the lid
  2. Open the color cream and put all the color cream to developer emulsion bottle
  3. Close the developer emulsion bottle lid and shake until it blends well
  4. Put on the protective gloves and change the lid with applicator comb 
If you think it's a bit hard to use applicator comb you can always use mixing bowl and brush as you can see at most saloon *picture below*


  1. Ask for help if you can't do it yourself *mommmm* ,tied your hair and left back layer hair.
  2. Start coloring layer by layer be sure not to miss some layers 
  3. When you finish coloring the whole hair wait for 30 minutes- 1 hour and let it absorb to get the best result
  4. Wash your hair until it's clean and use after color treatment conditioner .To prevent hair damage i used hair serum after my hair is dry 
Rating : 4/5 

Thumbs up :
  1. Safe ingredients
  2. Doesn't smell so bad
  3. No bad reaction on my head skin
  4. Fun mixing lol
  5. Affordable price , IDR 100k
Thumbs down :
  1. Hard to apply if you use the applicator comb
  2. The color will be darker after a week

me : blue polkadot dress

 After 2 days of coloring

under yellow light
after a week

quiz picture
Quiz timeeeeeee <3

Rules : 
1.Follow my gfc  
2.Follow my instagram @patricia19ev 
3.Guess the before after of my hair : example *c,d before & a,b after* 
(note : a&d without flash ,b&c with flash) 
4.Comment your gfc name ,instagram account and your answer

Indonesia residents only !
Giveaway period : May 24th - June 5th 
I will announce the winner on my instagram on June 6th

Prize :

1.Bath and body works best trssed volumizing conditioner
2.Oriflame liplicious mango tango lip gloss
3.voucher cash back 15.000 kiss authorized dealer semarang
4.Etude house cc cream glow sample

I will add the gifts if participants are more than 15 ^^ 

Thanks for reading 
Have a nice day 
GBU and good luck

Warm Hugs,


  1. GFC : Sherly Stephanie
    Instagram : @sherrstephanie
    Answer : Terjebak di with flash dan without flash, tapi mau nekat aja LOL B&C before, A&D after >w<

    What a lovely blog you have! ^_^

    1. Thank you udah ikutann ♥♥
      Good luck hihi ^^
      Your blog is also lovely ^^

  2. gfc name: Theresia SyanLi Octavia

    Instagram account: @TheresiaSyanli

    My answer
    Before: A & C
    After: B & D

  3. hi dear. aku ikutan yah, hehe

    gfc : Yanita Sya
    Intagram : @yanitasya

    answer : A&C Before, B&D After

    wish me luck, yay! ^^
    success for ur blog dear. keep blogging. nice hair color btw. :)

    1. Thanks for joining cc cantikk
      Good luck ceceee ^^
      Success for ur blog too ce ♥

  4. gfc= belliani bebe
    IG= @belliani

    Before : A-C
    After: B-D


    Thx for giveaway

  5. gfc : Janice Nadya
    instagram : jnicenadya
    answer : before a&c, after b&d

    aku jg mnta info ce, rmbutku virgin/black abis. klo maj warna cklat tua muda dkit tnpa bleach, pke haircolorant warna apa ya? thnks^^

    1. Thanks for joining dear ♡♡
      Kalo rambutmu item abis mending cari warna blonde ,light brown ,atau mahogany biar keliatan warnanya.
      Kalo bisa jangan dark brown karena gak bakal keliatan warnanya ^^
      Semoga membantu ya ♡♡

  6. the colours look really good and the packaging is really cute! but does it dry out your hair? tried many different brands of diy hair dye brands and all resulted in me using hair mask daily as conditioner in order to save my hay-like hair.

    1. Yes it is ^^
      Surprisingly it doesn't dries my hair
      But I use hair serum and mist everyday ,in case my hair have split ends :)

  7. The color is nice. I never try this classic kind of hair dye. Only used bubble before.

    1. Yesss yess ^^
      You should try this ,it doesn't dry your hair ^^

  8. Never tried it before, but the color is very nice :-) GiG

  9. Very skeptical about using hair colour products. But this one seems safe enough to use! Will try it !

    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!
    Follow on FB

  10. bagus nih warnanya .
    tapi bikin kering rambut ga?
    soalnya pernah nge cat rambut pakai shasha jadi kering terus pecah2..
    bikin kapok hahaha :/

    1. Hihi iya ^^
      Gak buat rambut kering kok iniii
      Hmmm yang cat semprot itu ya?

  11. wawww warnanya cantik banget tapi memang orangnya juga cantik jadi diwarnain apa aja juga cantik :D :D

    1. Ahhhh cc aini n c eve bisa aja ^^
      Thank you udah mampir cc cantikk ♡♡

  12. Love how this new hair color looks on you!!! :) Also, the packaging is too cute! It is kinda cool that the model is a doll :D

    1. Thank you ^^
      Yeah I knoww It has a really cute packaging ^^

  13. The hair color suits you very well! Great choice! :D

  14. I'm impressed that you areable to dye such dark hair. My hairdresser had to bleach my hair before dying it. I love the new colour on you. Its really effective and you look really different. I love the packaging of the dye too!

    1. Lol I actually want to bleach it first but my hair is already dry and I don't want to make it worse but I'm surprise with the result

  15. The packaging of the product is so cute!! The colour suits well on you too =)) gig

  16. Ohh I saw this while shopping the other day but didnt pick it up because these kinds of dye seems too good to be true.. Since you used it with no issues, I might need to try it someday.

    1. You have to try it ,it's an amazing hair dye product ^^

  17. the color is cute!!!!!!goodluck for every one who join thisgiveaway
    gig love

  18. good luck to the contestants =) the color compliments with your skin lovely

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  19. omg it looks so good on you! But I will prefer to go to saloon if dye hair heh :D

    1. Thanks ^^ yes saloon's work will probably better than DIY hair dye

  20. wow the colour look pretty..i tried this at home before tooo but the colour doesn't really show....

    1. Really? The colour show on my hair but after a week it became darker --"

  21. i love the outcome! it suits you so much :D

  22. Ikutan giveawaynya.

    gfc name: Nella P - Beautifyiu

    Instagram account: @nellanelwan

    Before: A & C
    After: B & D

  23. I like how safe this product is - Sounds like a great alternative to all the chemical-filled products out there! <3 GIGLove

    1. Yes the product is safe ^^
      Thanks for stopping by ♡

  24. bagus yaaa hasil jadinya :D ak blm pernah pake ini tapi nanti mau coba ah ;3

  25. Ini beneran ga ngerusak rmbutkan? Pengen tapi takut rmbtnya rsk

    1. Nggak say ^^ justru ini bagus buat yg kulit kepala sensitif :)

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