Saturday, March 15, 2014

(REVIEW) Etude House Sweet Cupcake All Over Color

Good evening viewers
i just finished my practical examination ^^ thanks God
But the national exam is still one month away so i have to study hard
Yesterday was my friend's sweet 17th birthday party and luckily my new toy i mean makeup has arrived safely
i bought sweet cupcake all over color from koreabeauty ,unfortunately they sent wrong color but it's okay since i like it too hahaha

I order OR202 the peach one because it's sulli's pick hahahha but what came is PK002 strawberry chiffon,the shop told me that it has similar color...
Alright this is love at the first sight...
just look at that cute packaging 

  1. PK001 :Blueberry Cheese Cake (purple)
  2. PK002 :Strawberry Chiffon Cake (pink) Mineee !!!
  3. PK301 :Raspberry Mousse Cake (red)
  4. OR201 :Orange Choux Cake (orange)
  5. OR202 :Peach sugar Cake(soft pink)
Every cupcake have different pastel color and they're so lovely that i could buy them all but i should buy one by one hahahaha

And this is mineee !!!
the color is really nice it's bright pink but when you apply it to your lips it become pink pastel ^^
So what's so special about this product?

it can be eyeshadow,lipbalm ,and blush on ..
woohoo 3 in 1 ,this is one of my reasons to buy the cutie cutie cupcake ^^
i really recommend this product,it's convenient and useful !!
  1. Eyeshadow : it's a bit creamy if you use it as an eyeshadow,for me i prefer usual eyeshadow
  2. Blush On : it's easily blend to your cheek and the color is nice 
  3. Lip Balm : So pastel,really cute and easily blend too ^^
when you open the lid just smell it ,it has nice scent ,sweet like bubble gum and lollipop hahaha

this is under the cupcake package*like a lollipop*

Rating : 4/5

Thumbs up :
  • Cute packaging
  • sweet scent really sweet
  • nice pastel color
  • 3 in 1 ,really useful
  • small packaging ,travel friendly
Thumbs down :
  • not really hygienic(no brush)
  • air can get in 
Overall this product is a KAA-POW hahahaha
really nice

so this is me with the sweet cupcake all over color :

and a bit of ootd

nice pink pastel right?
i apply the cupcake to cheek and lips

i hope the review will be useful
warm hugsss ,
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i appreciate every comment you post 
have a nice day

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  1. Cutee>w< tp jangan di pair sama outfit hitemm ngiee :o hihihi~ tapi btw keren lho blogmuu ;) good luckk on blogging!! :3

    1. Thank you mc ,wihh akhirnya dapet saran,bagusnya pake baju warna apa ya? Aduh masih newbie banget nih ,thank you ya mcc ♥♥♥♥

    2. Pastel rasanya ngiee ;) hihihi rajin2 ya ngeblogg! Ak visitnya rajin juga lhoo ;)

    3. Okay mc ;) okaayy pasti rajin2 ngeblog ^^ Yeyyyy thank youu so muchh mc ♥♥♥ join this site ya mc ^^ have a nice day GBU ^^

  2. Kok kayak ungu yah di fotdnya x_x
    Btw pake kamera apa?>< bgus bgt♡
    Cantik pula '///////')/
    Nice review :D

    1. Pink pastel sih sebenernya tapi kena sinar jadi gitu warnanya ^^ pake sony camera ka ♡♡ masih cantikkan kamuu ♥♥

  3. Aaaa cantik-cantikkkk ^_^
    Salam kenal ya cantik :)

    1. Cece juga cantikkk ^^
      Salam kenal juga ce ♥


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