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(REVIEW+MINI PHOTO GALLERY) Etude House Alphabetical Sheet Mask

Hi viewers ^^
Today i'm going to review about Etude House Alphabetical Mask
This is a fresh products ,few months ago it was released
*Cute packaging alert*
bee do bee do hahahha

 How ??? 
Cute Enough?
Well i got this mask free from an online shop on instagram called vinleyvinshop,ahhh i was really happy
i got the letter J which is job's Tears
Every letter has a different function and smell 

A: Aloe (soothing relief)
B: Bulgarian Rose (brightening)
C: Collagen (firming)
D: Dandelion (revitalizing)
E: Elder Flower (soothing & moisturizing)
F: Fig (purifying)
G: Green tea (moisture & relief)
H: Hyaluronic Acid (richly moisturizing)
I: Immortelle (energizing & nourishing)
J: Job's Tears (revitalizing & smoothing) mine !!
K: Korean Ginsing (revitalizing & nourishing)
L: Lemon (tone clarifying)
M: Mango (nourishing and firming)
N: Noni (revitalizing)
O: Olive (deep moisture)
P: Pomegranate (smooth elasticity)
Q: Q10 (tightening & firming)
R: Royal Jelly (smooth hydration)
S: Shea Butter (richly nourishing)
T: Tea Tree (trouble care)
U: Unpolished Rice (firming & nourishing)
V: Vitamin Complex (radiating skin)
W: White Pearl (bright complexion)
X: Xylitol Forest (clean moisture)
Y: Yogurt strawberry (soft & moist)
Z: Zucchini (nourishing & moisturizing)
♥ (Heart): 5 berry complex (antioxidant)

And this is mine it's smell like nuts hihihi ^^

I used some traditional mask and masks from my mommy it was like powder and Gel 
But this one is sheet,so yeah it's good to try something different...
I used this at night and my photo using this mask was really ugly so i'm really sorry ,i won't post my ugly face to this post hahaha

Move on to the ingredients
 no preservative, contains natural plant and moistening of different ingredients, good for any kind of skin. 
it's from seed extract ,no wonder i smell seed and nut when i used it hahaha
it's 20 ml
How to use it :
  1.  Apply toner after you clean your face (optional)
  2. Remove from pouch and apply to face (you will see sheet that's cover in cream)
  3. Remove mask after 15-20 minutes,until you feel it become more tighten ^^
  4. Lightly massage
  5. Wash your face (optional)
rating : 3/5
my opinion: it's moisturizing but it has no special thing,just work as a mask ^^ (silly me)
repurchase: maybe i'll but another alphabet ^^

Thumbs up :
1.smells relaxing and refresing 
2.cooling sensation to your face
3.moisturize your face
4.cute packaging aaahhhhhh ^^
5.nature ingredients can make words and have fun with the mask (i'm not crazy)

Thumbs down :
1.Just so so ,not too bad
2.not tighten so well
3.expensive for 1 mask (20k rupiah/2 dollars)

Did you see the title ?
Little photo gallery? 
so i'll share some photos of mine ,please don't puke before seeing it *lol*

At home ,after my friend's 17th birthday party

in the car using my favoite floral jacket

in a sushi restaurant ^^

oh by the way read the disclaimer please hihi
i just updated it
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i appreciate those who comment ^^

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Have a nice day
GBU all


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