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Utama Spice Beauty Workshop and High Tea

Hello amazing readers !
I'm sure that some of you already know Utama Spice. So if you don't know i will tell you what is Utama Spice.
Utama spice is a local brand that sells natural aromatheraphy products.Utama Spice's products is a combination from natural ingredients with essential oil that came from parts of plants.They use NO PARABEN ,and no synthetic ingredients.They sell Body mist, Body Scrub, Bath salts, Body oil, Soap, Lotion, Body Butter, Lip balm, Hair oil, Incense, and begone bug .I love all their products but my most favorite is begone bug because IT WORKS SO WELL. I should say goobye mosquitos ,goodbye more swollen caused by them hahaha.Visit their website

So last sunday Utama Spice invited me to their workshops. In these workshops beauty bloggers will learn how to make Utama spice's aromatheraphy products .woohoo.prepare to be amaze people!!

So Utama Spice set up the high tea and when i came in and look at these wow decoration .Girlll , i was amazed.So they have set up the table ,there were menu on it ,and there were plenty of empty lip balm jar.

On the other side of the table,There were lots of food from the high tea menu such as quiche,meringue,puff pastry and else.Unfortunately i can't eat that delicate looking quiche because i'm alergic to eggs.

So after we (Bali beauty bloggers and all bloggers) gathered up ,we started to sit according to our name on the table.That tiny black bottles in front of me are the essential oil.Those essential oil has lots of different smell and some are really unique that i want to bring it home,can I? hahaha


blogger's favorite 
So first Kak Ria from Utama Spice let us to make herbal tea. Utama Spice has prepared the herbal tea ingredients such as ginger,cinammon, star anise,and else. The ginger and any ingredients are fresh from Utama Spice's garden. Guarantee it is super fresh. So we just put every ingredients we want to the empty jar and made our custom herbal tea. When kak Ria explain the purpose of every ingredients we all fall in love with Star anise.The thing with star anise is ,it can cut some fat.Promising right?

VOILA !! So this is my herbal tea ,i put star anise ( of course), Cat's whiskers, ginger , Cinammon , and pegagan.The purpose of my custom herbal tea is for warm our body ,relax and cut some fat hahaha LOL.

lemongrass tea

And no this is not my custom herbal tea. Utama spice made us lemongrass tea. The smell is not too strong, doesn't have that medicine smell.It makes my body warm and fresh. so good. "The health benefits from lemongrass tea are antioxindant , anti-microbial activity, and also slowed the growth of breast cancer cells" -
Beside the benefit lemongrass tea also came with the side effect.You should avoid lemongrass the when you're pregnant and also lemongrass tea might also interact with some medicine.

Enjoying my lemongrass tea

Yumm Yummm
After we got to try the lemongrass tea, they let us eat the high tea set woohoo !! While other bloggers are queue to make the custom lipbalm i will eat first because my tummy can't cooperate hahaha. Thank you Utama Spice for the lovely food.


This is how we do yeah , yeah well this is how they did to make the lip balm.

How to make Utama Spice Custom Lip Balm :
1.Pick your favorite essential oil (can be 1 ,2 , or 3)
2.Put 4 drops of your favorite essential oil on the empty jar
3.Choose for favorite base (cinammon or peppermint or orange leaves)
4.Wait until the base melts and put it in the jar
5.Slowly stir and wait that liquid and turn to be lip balm.

I've tried the lip balm for three days and i love the result , it moisturizes my lips and also i like the unique smell. The essential oil i drop are bergamot and orange.


Layer of the earth? hmmm or should i say layer of nature? Yupp Yupp this is my custom body scrub.So We have to pick white rice or red rice to be the main of our body scrub. It works as a exfoliator after that you can choose clay or any other natural ingredients.

VOILA , this is my custom body scrub


For the bath salt firstly you have to put the bath salt ,just put in what you like,just experience hahahaha. after that you have to put it on scale and if it's already 100g then it's done and put 10 drops of essential oil and shake the jar and it's done.


A. Body Mist

Utama Spice has prepare the body mist actually we just have to put the essential oil. So the base of the body mist is water ,aloe vera and other natural ingredients.I choose mint and lavender as the essential oil on the body mist so it can work as a body mist and mosquito spray.

B. Liquid Soap

For the liquid soap we just have por the liquid soap into the bottle and drop the essential oil.

After we made all our custom Utama Spice aromatheraphy products . of course it is time for taking pictures !!

me with clara
Thank you so much Utama Spice for inviting us to this special work shops ,i feel that this is a really useful and unforgettable experience. Hope that this post can be useful to my readers too.

Don't forget to visit Utama Spice or visit their website :

Jalan Kaja Kauh no.8 Br Pengosekan, Ubud 80571, Bali , Indonesia
Open Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Phone & fax : +62 361 975051

Ubud Shop
Jalan Monkey Forest ( 130M from the Monkey Forest)
Open Monday - Sunday
9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Phone : +62 851 0085 315

Sanur Shop
Gopa Town Center,Jalan Danau Poso 57
Open Monday- Sunday
10 AM - 7 PM
Phone : +62 361 282 836


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Have a nice day
God bless

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  1. They seem to have organized a very nice event for you bloggers. It is hard though to judge beauty products without a prolonged use at home first.

  2. I would love to attend workshops such as this one. It's really fun to learn new stuff with blogger friends :)

  3. They have a really classy setup. It would be great to have a regular dose of tea.

  4. I love the packaging! Thought yes, I have to agree with fred, a review after using the product for a while would be great.

  5. I wish there were more brands like Utama in Manila! This is such an awesome event! I would love to learn how to make scrubs myself! :D

  6. Spice workshop? That is interesting. I would love to attend a workshop like this because I want to make my own scrub and body mist.

  7. First time to hear about this Utama. Lucky you to attend such great event.

  8. OMG. This look so much fun! I will love to create my own lip balm, soap and scrub too! The essential oil will help to moisturize the skin and sooth the mood!

  9. love the look of the custom scrub! itd be great as a present too

  10. I love lemongrass and ginger tea especially after massage. I like the DIY lip balm and body scrub.

  11. Tea can do so much good in our body. Lemongrass prods smells so good. Very relaxing and calming

  12. Interesting how you are allowed to customised your very own lip balm. I know many shops which has customised body salts and scrubs, but it's my first time seeing lip balm. And it seems easy to make one for myself :)

  13. This is a very informative and a fun workshop. You're very lucky to have been invited. I too would love to learn how to make my own lip balm and body scrub. It would be satisfying to use something you made yourself and is based on your preferences. :)


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