Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Liese Creamy Bubble Color (Black Tea Brown)

Good day readers ! 
So when i went to Hongkong i found this amazing hair coloring which is Liese Creamy Bubble Color and i bought it of course since i've been reading a lot of good feedback and amazing reviews towards this product so why not try. Liese is a hair coloring product from Japan. Actually i'm tired of dying the roots again and again since my hair is a bit blondie before (review here) and if i don't dye the roots then it will be super weird so i was thinking to dye black again but i chose not to dye super black because my natural hair color isn't that black either.

I bought this at one of Sasa counter in Hongkong and Sasa sells lots of hair coloring and i was kinda lost that day and it took a day for me to chose the hair coloring LOL super hectic kinda day.

This is the Liese color chart , Black tea brown color is in the brown series . I think i will be trying ash brown series later.


1.Honey / Royal Jelly
   Moisturize your hair ,make hair feels smooth when fingers comb through

2.Hydrolyzed Silk 
   Protect your hair, give hair a shiny and moisturized finish


1.Before use,keep the product in room temperature ( between 20-30 C ) for about one hour before mixing the solution. If the formula is too cold or too warm,it will not foam easily

2.Do not use while taking a bath ( IT IS NOT A SHAMPOO)

3.Perform a skin allergy test two days before use the product

4.Suitable for gray hair coverage 

Step by step will explain below

If you have allergic reaction to any hair coloring produtcs  please don't use any hair coloring because it can cause an illness and in some case it may cause death not to make you scared but this is the truth. Don't use it during menstruation too because the pores on the head are open and it makes you easily sick. Also don't use it to dye eyelashes and eyebrows.

So this is the Color Guide ,the color will change based on what is your hair color. mine will be number 2 because it's very light somehow.

top and bottom of the packaging

1.Solution 1
2.Solution 2 (Developer)
3.Hair Treatment
4.Foamer cap
5.1 Pair of gloves
6.Instruction sheet


1.Pour Solution 1 into Solution 2, turn it upside and down a few times gently to mix (don't shake the bottle)
2.Gently squeeze the center of bottle to dispense foam
3.Apply foam to dry hair , cover hair compeletely with foam and massage it in
4.Massage foam into hair with fingertips softly and gently, so foam reaches the roots and inner layers of the hair
5.Leave foam on hair for about 20-30 minutes then rinse out completely
6.Finish by shampooing and then applying the enclosed treatment (do not let the hair coloring get into your eyes)

So this is the result ,my some kind of blondie hair is gone and it turns out to be dark brown and exactly like i want so i am quiet satisfied with Liese hair coloring.my hair is smooth too, and not smelly because of the chemical thingy inside the coloring. By the way because my hair is too long and thick so it's not really even.As you can see my hair is yeah not really healthy due to my college life that i was super busy that i never took care of my hair and it became drizzly so i recommend you people after coloring your hair you should regularly use hair serum and hair mist . Of course hair mask every single week and you can say goodbye to bad hair.

Will i repurchase ? YES but i will buy another shades (of grey) LOLOLOL


1.Nice and sleek packaging
2.Easy to use
3.Cheap price (about 70 HKD/ IDR 140.000)
4.Low smell
5.Doesn't dry my hair
6.The color is nice (same as the picture)


1.The color disappear a week after the coloring ( not too much though)
2. the hair coloring makes my eyes poignant

Thanks for reading
Have a nice day
see you on my next post



  1. I never dyed my hair. But I can see that this colour made your hair look healthier and shiner

  2. Liese is really popular here in Japan. I haven't tried any of their products, but I plan to buy a few of their styling mists and mousses!

  3. Thank you for introducing this brand. I am thinking of dyeing the grays out of my hair, but I am scared to take that first step!

  4. Love the results on you! This looks like a wonderful product! :D

  5. Wah not bad yaa inii, jdi pengen dye hair lagi~~ P.s: Packagingnya skarang makin bagus haha

  6. I've recently dyed my hair black so my hair is now super dark. I'm hoping the colour fade some lol. But I like this colour on you.

  7. I've recently dyed my hair black so my hair is now super dark. I'm hoping the colour fade some lol. But I like this colour on you.

  8. love your new hair color, angie!


  9. I have never colored my hair but want to do one day. You hair looks super shiny and soft in pic. Looks like a decent product

  10. ive used this product before but different shade to dye my virgin hair and the colour came out a lovely caramel colour

  11. daridulu pengen coba product ini tapi belum kesampean.
    warna-nya sangat natural dan cocok di kamu :)

  12. I don't dare to dye my hair at home and I have no idea why! lol Maybe because I never dye my hair before! I know this brand and heard some good reviews on it =)

  13. Your hair looks so much more healthy being darker and it really suits you. Shame it started to wash out so quickly but I really like the shade.

  14. your new colour looks really pretty .. I love reds, but I don't know if I'm bold enough to try and dye my own hair...


  15. I am so off the hair color, but these amazing colors are making me weak in the knees.
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  16. That looks lovely on you dear. Love the name of the product. Very cute ;)

  17. wooo this is fun and easy way to dye your hair...

  18. I have only used henna dye on my hair, but I love the after result of the this dye. Thumbs up for such a detailed post!

  19. A fun way to dye your hair. Wondering how a shade of grey would look on your hair haha :P

  20. warnanya cantik ngie, aku juga pengen coklat tua nih ehee


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