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(Sponsored) Moist Coffee Licious Face Scrub and Chocolate Milk face Mask

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Have you ever heard chocolate mask and coffee scrub? Yes it's strange to hear but today i'd like to review the amazing products from Moist which are Moist Coffee Licious face scrub and Chocolate Milk face mask.The first impression seeing those two little jar is omg why so cute. Then i open the lid and hmmm smell like coffee and chocolate milk like smell nice and sweet.

The packaging of both face scrub and face mask are almost the's cute with the floral pattern. They use little plastic jar to place the scrub and mask powder and the good thing is it is easy to open the lid. I'm not a fan of the jar but it looks okay ,looks nice.the powder is 100 gram


Coffee is good to lift dead cells from your face that may still remains. When the dead cells remove,your face will be smoother and prevent acne. Coffee also moisturize and makes our face relax,it also tighten the face skin and brighten the skin.


Dark Chocolate contains flavonoid that use to remains elastic skin and prevent aging.Skin will be tighter and chocolate also moisturize the skin so the skin will be smoother. Reduce acne and big pores.


1.Take 1 tsb of the scrub powder
2.Add water until it becomes cream paste
3.Wash the face first and put the face scrub in your face and scrub for 1 minute
4.Leave it for 3-5 minutes
5.Wash your face with warm water

CAUTION : place it in dry place


1.Take 2 tsp of the mask powder
2.Add right amount of rose water
3.Put it in your face with small brush (avoid eyes area)
4.Leave it for 10-15 minutes
5.Wash with warm water then wash again with cold water

CAUTION : place it in dry place

So the picture before is before i take a bath Lol please don't tease me and the after is after i take a bath and apply the face scrub and face mask. The reult is nice.My face becomes smoother and brighter. Since i don't have acne i can't say much about how it reacts to acne but ya i like to touch my skin because it is so smooth.The smell while i apply the face scrub and face mask are amazing. I really love the smell. The chocolate one smells like Milo hahaha.

RATING : 4/5


1.nice packaging
2.Easy to use
3.Makes my skin smoother and brighter
4.Doesn't dry my skin
5.Doesn't cause breakouts
6.A lot of powder in a jar

1.They don't write the ingredients
2.Don't use it if you going through allergy (the second time i use when my face going through allergy and my face turns red with red dots after using this scrub n mask)


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WA : 0817 606 9255 
Instagram : @moist_naturalskin

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  1. The sound of having coffee or chocolate mask on my face already makes me happy! Unfortunately, I won't be able to get my hands on these. If this brand comes into Singapore, I'll be among the first to try! Thanks for sharing your review :D

  2. I'm not into coffee because it gives me ill feelings but I'm glad I can still have one for my face. This is great news.

  3. Judging from the result, it looks like this product is a good try. I might consider trying this soon!

  4. nice product for beauty looks, users should eat get good rest always too... it helps also

  5. You look more radiant after! This scrub is so interesting! Love Korean beauty products so much! :D

  6. Your skin looks so soft after the mask! This looks really easy to apply and the results are amazing.

  7. Boo! No ingredients on the label is just wrong. I can't believe they're facial masks when they sound like dessert or a cafe drink haha. They sound yummy!

  8. Wow they really think of everything they can put on a facial mask! Now even coffee and chocolate. Do you think it was the choco or coffee that made your skin radiant? Or do you get that result with any mask?

  9. ooo ive not seen a mask like this before! i would definitely love to try it

  10. You have gorgeous skin to begin with so I think every beauty product enhances your skin some more. I would love to try this since I'm a chocolate lover, not going to say not to a nice smelling face scrub.

  11. Coffee and chocolate really boost up the mood and what else will be great to put them on face feeling refreshed.

  12. You look so radiant after the application of the mask powder, It just means it really works.

  13. No ingredients written on the item. Is this not violating common practice? Nevertheless, the product seems nice to try.

  14. chocolate facial mask that smells like milo?? nice! what are the ingredients in the mask?

  15. chocolate facial mask that smells like milo?? nice! what are the ingredients in the mask?

  16. Ok, it's out of topic... but you have such a nice smile! Love your third picture~ My face is acne-prone and I don't think it will be suitable... or should I say, I don't dare to try it!

  17. Actually, it sounds really yummy! I love coffee and I love chocolate - even if these are obviously the inedible sort..!

  18. I've used a chocolate and cocoa bean scrub before, but not from the brand. I like how you have to make it up yourself, a great read.

  19. This is quite interesting. I have tried coffee body scrub but never try the coffee face scrub before. The chocolate milk face mask I must try. It looks promising.

  20. wow the packaging looks quite interesting! I am glad you loved the results.

  21. How many times do you have to use it before you can see the effects? I love the cute packaging and the variants that you got, even when the brown mask was a little funny.


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