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3 days Hongkong trip + Hongkong beauty Haul (DAY 2)

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Continuing from my post (read here) So day two we went culinair and visited some beauty shop woohoo.We woke up like 9 AM in the morning then we took a bath and packed our stuf and go.We went to get our breakfast and i remember that in Haiphong Road Tsim sha tsui there is a Tak fat beef ball restaurant and it's famous so we went there and quiet surprised.

Tak fat beef ball is located in Haiphong road temporary market,and when we walked inside there were lots of flower shop and we thought that we are lost but deep deep inside the temporary market there were lots of food counter and luckily i can read the chinese letter and found de fa niu rou wan or in english tak fat beef ball.

Tak fat beef  ball

So one bowl of beef ball soup is 28 HKD or around IDR 50.000 ,you can choose either noodles or rice noodles.

Well this is the famous Tak Fat beef ball .Even the place is somehow hard to find but i think it's worth it.the beef ball is really smooth so the first bite is super nice. The broth is well spiced and i think it's super lovely.I love it !

After our tummy was satisfied,we went to causeway bay and we went straight to a mall and i see heaven oh wait it's Laduree. Damn it's on my wish list forever ,i want to buy but yeah it's somehow expensive so maybe later.

So this is the Laduree booth , i just feel like princess LOL . All Laduree products are so girly and super fancy.I really love their concept.

This is the famous product of Laduree. I forgot the name hmmm comment below if you know.The packaging is really cute ,just like egg shell.

I also found Benefit they're real push up liner. This product really full of pros and cons some says really good,some says it's not good.

Well this is the crowd in cause way bay. Even though there are lots of people but still Hongkong is really good,they obey the rules so everything will goes on. Hongkong people is really nice.

also in causeway bay

Happy kid found her house ! LOL i've loving etude house since i was in middle school and i regularly buy etude house products because they're so tempting and cute and i can't resist to buy them.

This time i just bought the hair pack because as you know i didn't take care of my hair in college.

happy selfie

So in that day full of shopping i can't resist buying fashion stuff.we stopped by forever 21 and drag to the bikini session since it has 30% discount.I bought a pair of bikini for just 100 HKD woohoo.

Innisfree shop

After we are tired of shopping we went to honey creme , they have signature ice cream which is popcorn ice cream so stopped by to try their ice cream.

colorful cone
cute pamphlet

Tempting enough? So they put vanilla ice cream ,caramel popcorn and also caramel sauce.Damn it taste so amazing i'm dying to eat this again.the price is quite expensive ,it's about 38 HKD.Aside of that this is super worth it , try it people !

Happiness is super simple, just buy Honey Creme popcorn ice cream ( not a promotion but recommendation)

Last but not least we went to mc donalds to eat a black burger but the black burger is no longer in Hongkong i bought ice cream again LOL. It's a black sesame ice cream. taste good.

tuk tuk
I will continue to the last day which is day 3
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  1. Merek Laduree Sungguh princess sekali ya. Angie ada beli salah satu produknya Laduree?

    1. Iya ce ,cantik banget packaging nya ,seneng banget liatinnya.tapi aku gak ada beli ce mahal hahaha

    2. Iya ce ,cantik banget packaging nya ,seneng banget liatinnya.tapi aku gak ada beli ce mahal hahaha

  2. Aku mau coba Honey Creme nyaa >_< itu yg rasa apa nggie? Mau ke innisfree storenya juga. Ditunggu yaa cerita selanjutnya

  3. Ahh I love shopping at Causeway Bay too and Etude House ♥.♥ I wonder, have you been to Mongkok too? Shopping is very nice in that area especially in Argyle Center! It was very fashionable and affordable there hehe~ The ice cream you bought looks very delicious too, I love the popcorn one hahaha It looks like you enjoyed your stay in Hong Kong to the fullest ♥


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