Wednesday, July 22, 2015

3 days Hongkong trip + Hongkong beauty Haul (DAY 1)

Hello everyone !!!
It has been a loong looong time since the last time i blogged , so i think to refresh the blogging things i will share with you guys about my previous Hongkong Trip + of course my beauty haul since buying beauty goodies is a MUST ! hahaha
Before i start i will tell you who is my travel partner.My travel partner is Jessica Liani's of sister name Aileen.
okay lets start !!


So we arrived at Hung hom (MTR) and then went to Tsim sha Tsui by MTR .And then we went straight to our hotel located in kimberley street Tsim sha Tsui,we put our huge luggage and went for lunch.


Yuen Kee Breakfast Menu
Roast Duck Rice
Wonton Noodles
I ate Roast duck rice and it costs 50+ HKD and my friend ate wonton noodles and it costs 40+ HKD. The first impression i got is the price is so expensive but i tasted the food and it taste really good so i think it's worth it.The portion is also big so it can fill your tummy.

Happy tummy ,relax for a bit and we are ready to explore Hongkong. So first thing first,as we plan we went to Hongkong Museum of art first.


I don't really know what to talk about Hongkong Museum of art ,actually inside of the museum there are few of exhibition that exhibit the art such as Hongkong view at night and day ,videos about Hongkong's life ,lots of chinese paintings,bamboos carving etc.The ticket price is 10 HKD.
This museum is located beside Hongkong space museum and also Avenue of the stars.After we went to Hongkong museum of art we went straight to Avenue of the stars.


Avenue of the stars was so great. i also went here when i was in middle school and i love the scenery so i went here again. Avenue of the stars is located in East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR exit J.Because my hotel is located in Tsim sha Tsui so i have to walked underground to reach this place.That day was very hot i can't even stand the weather.But still everything is fun when travelling .We were lucky that day there was a dragon boat carnival so we can saw them compete.


Harbour city is heaven for a woman LOL ,this street is full of high branded shop such as Chanel ,Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo , Hermes etc.I also go into the mall and i spotted Stylenanda and 3ce !!! woohoo !!! And i also spotted the famous Jamie's restaurant ,too bad i didn't try their food.


It was dark and we were hungry and i got recommendation from my friend that in this street the hotpot rice is good so why not try. We went to temple street and search for the hotpot rice and it turned out to be like this.the taste is good, hmm so so not that woah hahaha.


Okay so this was the first day haul hmmm i guess i still can hold back hahahaha i had lots lots of things on my basket but when i was in ine to pay ,i took down one thing by one thing i put on my basket hahaha.
So i bought :
1.Liese creamy bubble color (black tea brown)
2.Combos skin Arbutin Anti dark circle Eye mask
3.Combos skin Collagen anti aging eye mask (for mommy and granny)
4.Combos skin Q10 lifting eye mask (for mommy and granny)
5.Soo Beaute Ginseng essence mask
6.The Face Shop Rice ceramide moisture cream

actually Sasa is a beauty shop that sells lots of imported products from korea ,Japan,Americe,etc.Sasa has lots of stores in HK ,almost 500m and you can see another Sasa shop. YES there are lots of Sasa in Hongkong. so bloggers ,Hongkong is your heaven.

This is my itinerary for day 1 ,hope this can help you guys to make Hongkong trip itinerary !

                                               See you guys on my next post


  1. waaaaa angie... cc juga pengen ke HK.. nanti angie jadi guidenya ya... ^^

    1. Okay ceee ayo dong ce main2 nanti ke gz juga yaa hehehe

  2. tempatnya bagus dan indah pengen ke sana tapi kapan-kapan ke HK

  3. I missed hongkong after reading your blog.. Love the country so ai can find and shop great prods on discounts lol

  4. I love Hong Kong and never pass up a chance to eat at Yuen Kee too :) Wonder how Jamie's Italian there compares? The Singapore outlet is disappointing!

  5. Thanks for sharing the details about HK as i have not yet been to HK. Would love to try at Yuen Kee and Jamie's is slightly expensive.

  6. I have never been to Hong Kong but my father have been there several times and told me how beautiful the place is.

  7. I would love to visit HK again, hopefully during its cold season. My in laws just came from there and heard summer is almost the same as the PH weather. Yikes!

  8. Really want to go there soon. There's just so many places to see in Hongkong.

  9. Really want to go there soon. There's just so many places to see in Hongkong.

  10. It's always nice exploring Hong Kong. I'm planning to be there in a few weeks but I'll be exploring more of their trails since I've visited most of their other attractions.

  11. Oh you had a wonderful time in HongKong. It's been ages since I last visited. I miss the food and the shopping.

  12. Hong Kong is a shopping haven! Especially if you love branded goods. My visit 4 years back wasn't fruitful as I'm not into branded goods at all!

  13. I've been at HongKong and its very great to dine and shop. Different kinds of foods I could eat all day.

  14. visited hk once and I don't think I will wanna revisit again. the hongkongers are pretty unfriendly and rude, even their service crews will roll eyes, glare, or TSK at you. it might be better if you speak Cantonese, though.

  15. Travelling + Pleasure = RELIEF! It gives us respite from our dull and dreary routine. It relieves us of our worries. It affords us an opportunity to meet other people and see nice places.

  16. There are so many things to buy and food to try in Hong Kong. Its a shopping paradise for women.

  17. My wife has been to Hong Kong and she told me its a nice city. Next time, I'll go with her.


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