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More Angel Baby Brown Contact Lense Review - Sponsored

Hello amazing readers ,it has been a long long time since the last post i've publish.
Miss all of you so much
I miss blogging so much,but I currently studying in China and blogger is block there so it's super hard to open my own blog. It's even harder to make one post ugh
I apologize to all of my sponsors for super long delay post.But since i'm in Bali now i will post some reviews and maybe some makeup tutorial.
Today i will review More Angel Baby Brown softlense from an online shop Kawaigankyu .

For me the packaging is just the same like korean softlense packaging,i like the pastel color on it and it has flower pattern so spring (?) i guess i just like it

Brand : More
Name : Angel Baby
Color : Brown
B.C : 8.60 mm
C.T. : 0.025 mm
Water Content : 48%
Diameter : 17.2 mm
Life Span : 6 months
Power : Plano - 8.00

Made In Korea

The pattern is unique ,it's like multiple of wings and i like the color fusion between brown and black.When i use it ,it really match with my's like brown ring outside my brownish eye ball.

Even the diameter is big but for me it can stay for 5 hours without eye drop so it's comfortable enough. and if you use eye drops it can stay for a whole day. I used it in China and China's weather is dry ,well i think it can stay longer in tropical island like Bali and all of indonesia.

with flash

without flash ,inside , sunlight

RATING : 4/5

  1. Nice packaging
  2. long life span
  3. unique design
  4. dolly effect to my eyes
  5. comfortable
  6. Free softlense case from kawaigankyu
  1. Not so brown (brown to black) still okay though
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