About Me

Well Hi everyone who is reading my bio hmmm ....
Okay soooo.....

My name is Patricia Evangeline

But everybody call me Angie
I'm Indonesian

I enjoy cooking,singing,watching (TV,Make up tutorial,singing cover,and cooking thingy hehe)
I love dogs,everything that smells good such as perfume and my boyfriend's jacket ;;) and Apple
I hate fake friends,my eye bags ugghhh :( (still wait for a miracle from my mommy's eye serum ),junk food (just kidding but i try to avoid it)

My social Media
facebook : Angie Patricia
Twitter : @patricia19ev
Instagram : Patricia19ev 
Google+ : Patricia Evangeline

I'm a new blogger , i am far far behind from other beauty bloggers
But I will always try my best to make my blog discoverable
And i hope it can be useful to my viewers

Well that's my mission

Why did i make this blog?
  1. I'm in love with Etude House and other korean cosmetics. It makes me crave for make ups ... 
  2. I think my Lifestyle is healthy enough so it's worth to share
  3. My healthy diet somehow works so I'll share with you guys
  4. I'm a big fan of Elle and Jess (who doesn't know them),so yeah they're my inspirations too
  5. I love cooking and yes I will share my own recipe
Okay that's all about me
Just wanna say that I love my Family and my boyfriend ,They're my greatest supporters

I really appreciate comments and advice ^^
Thank you for reading ;;)

Much Love,


  1. hi aku mau menawarkan kerjasama partnership. Bisa di hubungi langsung kemana yaa? apakah bisa share email kamu? Thank you :)

  2. Cie angie bikin blog 😁😁😁
    Happy bloging cantik


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