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(REVIEW) 7 Revolution Hair Clip + How to apply

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Just a bit chit chat for this review opening hahaha
so i was really tired of studying but national exam is really near blegghh
To refresh my brain i decide to make this post 
hope you like it ,enjoy reading ;;)

I ordered this hair clip from ig : lookdeloopshop ,i personally recommend this shop for you guys because it was trusted and their products are really eyecatching and have a good quality 

so you can see hair net there,their packaging is really nice,and of course it's still new ^^
Move on to the fake hair,it's really smooth ,like human hair but way thicker ....
i ordered the biglayer wavy black hair clip and the length is about 40-50 cm

And after i opened the package and remove the hairnet ...

taa daaaaa finally i can have an instant long hairr,i'm so exciteddd ^^
actually from what i think this is curly not wavy but whatever,it's still good

well ,the shop sell two kinds of hair clip the first is biglayer like my hair clip and the second one is 3 layers hairclip and it's a bit expensive 

what's the different and how to use it?
you can click the link below :)

that's the video from lilith moon ,one of my favorite youtubers about how to apply the hair clip ,you may see the difference between biglayer and 3 layers hairclip

not just buying you have to take a good care for your hair clip 

How to wash hair clip :
  1. Fill washbowl with water
  2. Put conditioner all over the hairclip and rub it
  3. Place the hairclip to the washbowl for 10-15 minutes
  4. Dry the hairclip (with the sunshine don't use hairdryer)
What if the hairclip crumpled (kusut)?
How to make it smooth again?
  1. Use babyoil/hairclip vitamin
  2. comb the hairclip

Rating : 4/5

Thumbs Up :
  1. Smooth like human hair
  2. Easy to use 
  3. The color is nice,real black not the pale black
  4. Price is good IDR 100k/ $9
  5. A bit heavy but after using it two times you will get used to it
  6. Add more volume 
Thumbs down :
  1. After you comb the hairclip it becomes less wavy
  2. If you don't use it properly your hair can be damaged
  3. A bit itchy (the first time you use it)
My Advice :
  1. Use it properly
  2. Use hair serum/hair mist so your real hair won't be damaged
  3. Don't use hair straightener/hairdryer when you use the hair clip but some hairclips can ,it depends
And this is me using the hairclip ^^


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  2. you're so pretty!! :3
    aku pengen coba hairclip hihi
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    km beli hairclip brp dear?


    1. Thank youu ^^ you're pretty too
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      Harganya?? Yang ini 100rb kak

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  3. What a great review! Cantik banget pula :3

    1. Aw ♡ makasihhh ,you're beautiful too ♡♡
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  4. wah bagus yah yg curly... aku juga beli di lookdeloop tapi yang straight hehehe
    nice review ^^

    1. Itu yang wavy actually tapi emang kayak curly hehe
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  5. bagus hairclipnya :)
    OS nya ada webnya ga ya atau FBnya aq ga punya IG.

    1. Iya kak ,enak gak usah susah2 manjangin rambut hihi ^^
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  6. super pretty! love the hairclip result on your hair.


    1. thank youuu ,you must be pretty too ;)
      yeah thanks to the hairclip ^^
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  7. wahh bagus yaa.. nyatu hairclip nyaa ><
    itu kamu pas pake, rambut asli kamu mesti di curly-in lagi gak biar nyatu gitu?

  8. aku jual 7Revo nih...persis..cuma 70rb
    cantik bgt di kamuuu rambutnya..boleh dijadiin model ga??


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