Saturday, March 8, 2014

(REVIEW) Etude house moonlight in spoon blending sleeping cream *recommend*

Hey viewers ,i miss you guys so damn much
Due to my final exam i can't post anything to my blog *sad*
well for the news i changed my blog name -->
since poetry of golden dream is harder to remember 
okay so ,few weeks ago i won a little giveaway held by an online shop name JT olshoop on facebook *cheers*
I was really excited and they gave me some pink samples(i don't know why the giveaway are all pink) of their beauty products and here it is ...

Woohoo I won :
1.Etude house moonlight in spoon blending cream
2.Baking powder cleansing foam
3.Goback sample (good for people at age 40+ so i gave this to my mom)

And I have made a promise to my instagram followers that i will review this products soon and promise is a promise right? haha
I will review the blending cream first ;;)

So the moonlight in spoon blending cream have 8 different variants of function,smell(ugghh i love the smell),and color
This is the function of each variants :
1.Olive : Richly moist
2.Royal Jelly : Firm and moist
3.Shea Butter :Nourishing and moist
4.Evening Primrose :Shine and moist
5.Blueberries:Antioxidant and moist
6.Roseship (mine) :Bright and moist
7.Seaweeds :Smooth and moist
8.Green Tea :Clear and moist

All of this variants give us different kind of moist and since i got the roseship one i will talk about this cute pink sleeping cream

yeshh yesshh that cute spoon is inside the cute pack 
Even before i use this i fell in love already with this products ,this product is so eyecatching, no wonder i become addicted with etude house products kekeke...

And this is how to use it 

My tips :
1.Blend it well
2.Apply this cream to your neck too
3.Enjoy your sleep hahaha
4.don't forget to wash your face with warm water 
5.*warning* Do not apply with spoon handle

My roseship sleeping cream smells so good ,it smells like flower and give a sweet scent 
it gave a cooling feel to my face
I never use sleeping cream before and i'm so glad that i got this product for free

Thumbs up :
1.Packaging is cuteeeeee
2.sweet and relaxing scent cream can be use for 2-3 times but crazy me i use this at once ugghh price about 25k rupiah or 2 dollars
5.came with 8 variants (you can choose what you want )
6.Fun to blend hahahaha

Thumbs down :
best sleeping cream ever

Repurchase : YESSSSSSS !!!!
I personally recommend this products to you my lovely viewers :*

This is my current nude face *without filter*
Warm hugs ,
ig: patricia19ev

I will appreciate those who comment and give advice with what i've wrote <3


  1. lucu banget sleeping creamnya ya bentuknya sendok gitu :D
    itu 1 bungkus bisa 2-3x pake? tp abis sekali dipake simpennya lagi gimana? kan udah kebuka dan ga ada tutup yg kencengnya >_<


    1. Iya kak lucu banget packagingnya ^^
      Iya kak,1 bungkus bisa dipake 2-3x
      Simpen di kotak makan yg udah gak kepake aja kak,atau di kotak plastik hihi
      Thank you for visiting ^^

  2. OMG sooo cute *Q*
    baru tau ada produk etude giniannn haha
    thanks for sharingg XD jd pengen coba

    don't forget to join my giveaway ^_^

    1. Yess yesss ,emang cute bangett ^^
      Iya kak ,kayaknya jarang keliatan produk ini ,tapi bener2 worth to try kak ;;) thank you for visiting
      Okaayy I'll join ^^

  3. Bisa pakai brapa kali seminggu sis?

  4. You're really pretty! And btw, great review :) I haven't had the chance to try this yet but it seems very similar to the Magic Sleeping Mask by BeautyPlus.


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