Thursday, April 10, 2014

(MAKEUP TUTORIAL) Katy Perry Dark Horse MakeUp Inspired

Heyyy viewers 
Have you seen katy perry's new music video? dark horse?
I really like it especially her egyptian theme and her egyptian eye makeup ^^
Because i want to challange myself, i decided to remake her eye makeup 
This is the first time i make egyptian eye makeup so don't judge if it's not perfect ,you can give me advice how to make it better though hihi
The liner is the main thing to make egyptian eye makeup ,it has pointy edge and playful under liner


Eye Tutorial :
  1. Draw a pointy eyebrow (thick level optional) and apply eye primer
  2. Apply purple eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes
  3. Apply glittery light brown/gold eyeshadow from the middle to the inner corner of your eyes , and apply glittery white eyeshadow on the under eye
  4. Apply eyeliner and carefully make it egyptian liner 
  5. Apply glitter after the eyeshadow 
  6. Apply eyeliner on your under eye and add fake eyelashes
  7. voila ,you're done
 It's easy but a bit tricky

Tips and Trick to make this eye make up :
  1. Use pen liner ,it's easier for you to draw the tricky part
  2. Use tape /cc cream/bb cream bottom to help you make tidy eyeshadow and eyeliner on the outer liner
  3. Don't rush, be calm
  4. Make sure the right eye makeup and the left one is the same
  5. Prepare cotton bud and eyemakeup remover if something bad happen lol
I know it's not perfect but i will learn more to make better eye makeup because eyemakeup is really important 

So this is for the face tutorial ^^
  1. Apply cc cream and powder
  2. Draw the eyebrows
  3. Do the eyemakeup ( read eye tutorial)
  4. Apply blush on (choose warm color)
  5. Apply shading and blend 
  6. Apply lipstick 
  7. done
Easy right? but it takes 30 minutes for me to do the eyemakeup because the detail is a bit tricky
So what do you think guys? katy perry enough?? hihi

The main products for this make up are 
  1. Sephora mini bag pallete
  2. Wet n wild cherry picking lipstick 
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Original Dark Horse Music Video

 Thanks for reading 
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    Love the eye shadow!

    <3 Ling

    1. Thank youu ♡♡
      You must be pretty too ^^
      It's sephora's

  2. Nice work Angie ^^~

    Ini loh yang kumaksud di insta.. No offend but it is true ><
    Aku denger bentuk itu simbol mata lucifer dan ak dengernya udah dr lama bgt ><
    Srius no offend yah T.T What I saw is your art :D
    *hanya berbagi info :D*

    1. Thank you kaaaa,wew wew
      Iya just see the art aja lah ^^

  3. cakeeeeeeppppp.. ajarin bikinnya dooooonnnkkkkkk~~
    udh di folback yaaaaa ^8^

    1. Thank youuu ceee ♡♡
      Siniii sinii aku ajarin hihi
      Thanks ce ♥

  4. Nice tutorial cantiiiik :*
    Si katy di mv dark horse emang make upnya juara bgt! Btw, aku udah follow gfc kamu ^^

    1. Makasih cantiikkk ♡♡
      Iya keren banget ,aku pertama ngeliat langsung pengen banget buat ,gemes bangeett hihi
      Okaayy makasihhh ya cantik ^^

  5. Wow! Brilliant blog, great posts and beautiful proprietress! What to want more ...
    I follow you (bloglovin + GFC) and welcome to visit my blog about fashion. If you like it please follow me back :-*

    I show 125 DIY Easter Ideas - maybe you will find there something for yourself? :-)

    Katherine Unique

    1. Thanks katherine ♡♡
      Sure I will follow you back ^^

  6. keren! aku suka kombinasi warna lipstick n eyeshadownya! cantik!

  7. I really love your eye make-up! Really beautiful. I wish I could do make-up that well!
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  8. I suggest using a jet black liner so your eyes will be defined perfectly next time. For looks like this, it's impt to perfect the details

    1. Thanks for the advice ♥♥♥♥
      This is the first time I make something like this ,will do better next time ♡

  9. You did a great job! I only ever really do a cat eye with my eyeliner because I'm not very good at drawing in general, haha.

    1. thank you ^^ i'm still learning though
      it's not perfect yet ^^

  10. I think you did an amazing job! very Katy Perry! :)

  11. It really does look the same as Katy Perry's. Love the colours. You must be very patient to spend so long doing eye make-up!

    1. Thank you ,but i dont really have the gold color so i change a bit with light brown
      yeah it takes a long time haha
      but worth it though

  12. beautiful eye colour!! i was thinking to do this tutorial too hahaha but ended up choosing britney look!!hahaha

  13. it looks good on you.. =) you are so patient to mimic that make up.. =)

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  14. you did a good job with the eye make up! very dramatic and glamorous!

  15. love it. rapi eye makeupnya, cantik banget.mirip katy perry.

    GIG Love

  16. Love the purple - Such a bold, dramatic look. The perfect girls night out eye make-up! <3 GIGLove

  17. Love the used colors. The Cherry Picking shade is amazing!

  18. the first thing that attracted me to your look was the lipstick! great pick hun, i have the same one too!!

  19. those are amazing eyes . love the purple tones - you look stunning

  20. Great make up tutorial ! I love how it make your eyes so mesmerizing ! :D

  21. I love tips 4 and 5 in your eye makeup tutorial. Haha! I always need a qtip if something bad will happen on my makeup experiments :)

  22. You did a great job! I wish I can do this too.
    I'm an eye make up noob. lol

  23. OMG you looks so gorgeous!! Love your eye make up <3

  24. It really looks fantastic.
    You did a great job.
    Love the look!

  25. Good job.. THank for your makeup tutorial dear
    gig love

  26. Woahh!! That's wonderful and thanks for the tutorial.. will try it !!

    GIG Love

    New Post Up - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  27. this is such a awesome look .... this tempting me to go for 30 days Eye makeup challenge .... ur eyes looking beautifulllll

  28. Great tutorial! My daughter and I love this clip (and Katy too!), you did a lovely job recreating it :) GIG

  29. great blending! this look would look great on a themed night out


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