Wednesday, April 2, 2014

(REVIEW) Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

Heyy viewerrrsss
I'm backkkkkk 
I'm really really happy because i win another giveaway ,the first is NYX Jumbo eye pencil (white) andddddd the second one is huge *lol*i got sephora mini bag pallete which cost $ 38
woohooo so happy ^^
well i will review after my giveaway come hahahaaha
And yesss since i have promise to you guys that i will review some of my march make up haul
and this is the one ^^
I know some of you might know this product but i will tell you my opinion about this product  



*click for clearer picture*

So i use this one time only so i can't talk much 
actually this patch doesn't work really well ,it doesn't do much to my eye bags 
I just feel nice and relax feeling on my eyebags ,it may reduce the puffines on my eyebags but just a bit

How to use it :
  1. Remove patches from clear film
  2. put the patches beneath your eyebags
  3. Remove patches after 15-20 minutes 
and when you open the seal don't be panic if there's visually one patch 

 actually there are 2 patches inside ,well i went to zombie mode when i saw there's just 1 patch *lol* silly me

And this was after i open the little plastic box ,there are 2 patches lol
By the way if you see the date below it's not expired date,it's the manufactured date 
so don't be silly like me when you see it hehehe *no offense*

and this is my zombie face when i used them 
just see the patches, ignore my face lol

Rating : 3.5/5

Thumbs up :
  1. soft and nice scent
  2. refresh and relax your eyes
  3. cute packaging
  4. easy to use
Thumbs down :
  1. a bit sticky after you use it
  2. doesn't effect much to your eyebags
  3. shock attack the first time i open the seal --
Will i repurchase ? maybe ,just to see if i use it more often what will happen 

Thanks for reading ^^
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Have a nice day viewers

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  1. wah ini useful product bgt pokoknya! Hihihi kantung mataku lenyap seketika gara2 eye patch ini :D

    1. Oh ya? Aku pake baru sekali dan gak ada perubahan mungkin emang harus pake nya lebih sering ^^

      Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. shocking kenapa pas bukanya? :o

    1. Kirain cuma 1 patch ka ,ternyata 2 tapi thin layer gitu dan dalam 1 plastic storage hahaha

  3. btw follow back GFC yah ^^ thankyou and nice review ^^

    1. Udah ka ,tapi aku bingung,gak visible akunya,coba kamu liat aku udah ada blom?
      Thank youu :*

  4. Kak, aku mau tanya itu dalam satu pack isinya cuma 2 patches buat sekali pemakaian aja atau ada lebih banyak patches?


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