Thursday, April 24, 2014

(Make Up Tutorial) Futuristic Gipsy look for IBB MUC April

Heyyy lovely viewers 
Today i'm gonna share the tutorial of my Futuristic Gipsy look ,i use this look to submit the makeup challange from ibb with make over id
but unfortunately i didn't make it,instead of dissapointed i prefer take that as a lesson that i haven't do my best so i will learn and learn more to achieve something better in the future
The theme for the makeup challange is find your signature colour and as i said before, i like blue,green,pink,and orange but i didn't include orange to this look
Why did  i choose futuristic and gipsy?
Gipsy girls are beautiful and they look like a fortune teller so that's the reason
and futuristic came from the ide of katy perry E.T's makeup
as you can see the upper eye is gipsy look a like
and the under is futuristic look ^^
okayy let's start

Face :
  1. apply moisturizer (i use the body shop vitamin e moisturize lotion)
  2. apply concealer (i use max factor concealer)
  3. apply cc cream or bb cream(if you want more coverage) (i use etude house cc cream)
  4. apply powder to produce matte skin (i use pigeon baby powder lol)
Eyes :

  1. Use eyebrow stencil and place it right to your eyebrow 
  2. use light blue color then black on the edge
  3. Apply Dark green eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes
  4. Apply light green/yellow color from the middle to inner corner of your eyes
  5. Apply gold eyeshadow on your under eye 
  6. use white liner to line your under eye
  7. and finally apply baby blue shadow under the white line
  8. and don't forget to apply fake lashes
i didn't use primer because the eyeshadows are pigmented itself

Lips :
  1. conceal your lips with lip concealer or bb cream,i use bb cream
  2. line your lips
  3. apply lipstick
Cheek :
  1. Apply highlighter on your cheeck bone
  2. apply blush on
  3. Apply bronzer under the blush on
Nose :
  1. Apply bronzer to contour your nose ,from the brow bone to your nose
  2. Apply highlighter in the middle of your nose
easy right???

Tips and Trick :
  1. Use pigmented eyeshadow
  2. If you can't make good eyebrow shape ,you better use eyebrow stencil (so me --")
  3. When you do the eyemakup make sure the right eye and the left eye are the same
Product I use :
Mostly from 
  • Victoria's Secret runway beauty makeup kit from lesessentiels
  • etude house cc cream
  • pigeon baby powder
  • the body shop moisturize lotion
  • max factor concealer
  • wet n wild cherry picking lipstick
  • NYX round jumbo eye pencil (milk)
It's not perfect but i will always learn to make better eyemakeup in the future
How's the look? futuristic gipsy enough?

Please give comment and advice ^^

Thanks for reading 
Have a nice day

Warm hugs


  1. it seems you like katty perry a lot :D
    nice one :)

    1. Yes babe ,she's amazing
      Still messy though but I'll learn more
      Thanks for visiting kaaa ,lol banget pake inggris buahahha

  2. haii gadis gipsy , thanks tutorialnyaa yaaa, membantu banget nihh

  3. Palettenya... Gilaaaa bikin mupeng haha. Cantik ngie ^_^

    1. Hehehe review soon ya ce ,ayok beli ce ,lengkap loh,bagusss
      Cantikan ce lucy tetepp ♥♥

  4. Love how you highlighted your cheeks!

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