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(REVIEW) Sephora Mini Bag MakeUp Pallette

Heyyy amazing viewersss
I just finished my national examm *cheer*
So Holidaayyyyy ahhh so happy ,i can update my blog more frequent 
Today i'm gonna review the cute elegent Mini makeup pallette from sephora
I don't buy this makeup pallette,i got this from an online shop because i win their giveaway yeyyyyy
This pallette really suits people who likes travelling 
So let's begin ^^

front view
back view
Actually the packaging is nice ,it's like a shopping bag which labeled sephora so it become more fancier than ordinary shopping bag lol
i love their idea of making such a cute pallete like this ,it's cute but elegant 

From top to bottom :
  1. Inside sephora mini bag makeup pallette ( 9 eyeshadow , 4 color lipbalm ,1 blush)
  2. Inside the packaging
  3. The back view
This pallette have 9 eyeshadow with different color and & of them are shimmery and the bottom two are matte color
The top color has a light and soft color ,and the middle is darker ,the bottom has the darkest color

 the color is pretty pigmented ,if you don't use eye primer ,it's still good because the color is pigmented itself
For me you can use this pallette for everyday makeup and also for night 
The pallette is so small so you can put it in your bag and if you go to party you can retouch the makeup 
It's really nice because the pallette iclude eyeshadow lip color and blush on ,so 3in1 

This is the swatch i did on my hand ,you can see the color is pigmented itself
i don't use any eye primer 
I really love the matte color ,it so soft but a strong color ,it will pop out and make your eyes fierce 
I recommend this to traveller or someone who is busy and don't have time to do makeup at home 
And by the way i made katy perry darkhorse eyemakeup with this pallette

I use the purple matte color and light brown color in the middle of the pallete 
it's shimmer because i used glitter liner
i love how the color make my eyes fierce 

Rating : 5/5
Repurchase : maybe or i'll buy another sephora pallette

Thumbs up :
  1. The color is pigmented
  2. cute and elegant packaging
  3. the size is small so you can bring it anywhere
  4. reasonable price
  5. all in one which means complete pallette in one package
  6. doesn't make breakouts
Thumbs down :
  1. nothingggggg
ahhhhh really love this pallette
oh for the price you can check on 

and you can buy this pallete in
(Authentic Make Up)
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  1. wah ternyata ada blush sama lip palettenya juga ><
    selamat yahhh enak banget >.<)b
    Pingin juga beli sephora tapi mahal ;.;

    1. Iya ka ♥.♥
      Thank youuuu ♡♡
      Coba aja beli yang ini ,kayaknya yg ini 300an ^^

  2. wahhh....warna2 eyeshadow nya lucuu..apalagi yg matte nya...mupeng berat :D

    nice post ya

    1. Iya kakkkk lucu2 ,super love yg matte warnanya pigmented abis
      Ayo beli kak ^^

  3. Great review! I love the way you create posts! Thank you to share them with us!
    Your words are so ... inspiring! Thank you that you are! :-*
    You are my inspiration!

    Katherine Unique

  4. the mini bag is so cute! love the Katy Perry's Dark Horse makeup ^^


  5. Mba aku pake yang medium makeup bag...dapet seserahan dr calon suamiku dulu (sekarang udah suami hahaha)...asik yaa Sephora, praktis, kemasannya bagus. Kalo yg medium pilihan warna lebih banyak.

    Makeup inspired by Katy Perry nya bagus, detail gitu. kalo sy mekap yg party aja deh belum pede yg ala2 vclip gitu.
    Mampir ya ke blog aku


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