Tuesday, April 29, 2014

(MakeUp Collaboration) Flapper Girls Inspired look

Hello lovely viewers
I am so happy because some beauty bloggers asked me to make a collaboration makeup look and the theme is flapper from the great gatsby 
Flapper stands for a young woman who wear short skirts,cut her hair to a sporty look,they use makeup and listen to jazz 
They live in the era of 1920's
So here's the banner of the Great gatsby

And this is our collaboration banner which is made by Lintang

Thank you so much for making this amazing banner 

Okay let's move on to the tutorial

Face :
  1. Apply moisturizer
  2. Apply bb cream
  3. Apply loose powder
Eyes :
  1. Prime your eyes
  2. Draw the eyebrows
  3. Apply black eyeshadow and blend to the crease
  4. Apply gold eyeshadow on your underline
  5. Apply mascara or fake eyelashes
After the eyemakeup use bronzer to contour your nose and cheek ,highlight your nose as well and highlight the cheekbones

Lips :
  1. Apply concealer on your lips
  2. Draw the lips,and make it like a bow hihi
  3. Apply red color lipstick and blend with a bit of black eyeshadow so it will be darker,hmmmm just a bit darker lol

Be sure you wear dress and accesories to make better flapper look
and voila ,you're done

Products I used :
  1. The Face Shop BB cream
  2. Pigeon Powder
  3. NYX eyebrow cake
  4. Victoria's Secret runway beauty makeup kit
  5. Etude House Xoxo minnie kissing lipstick

Tips and trick :
  1. Make a thin and dark eyebrows because young woman at that era used to draw thin and dark eyebrows
  2. Gently draw the bow lips ,tricky2 part
What do you think??Flapper enough?

Another amazing flapper looks from my fellow beauty bloggers


Click their name to see their amazing blog
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  1. Replies
    1. Whehehehe iya ce ,gara2 red lips n smoky eyes ^^

  2. Cute… red lips bkin km kliatan sexy

  3. Love your look. It's very simple yet classy. Great job and thanks for sharing your flapper look!

  4. patricia..lucu banget make up nya! Twenties make up emang gak ada abis nya! :D

  5. Angie cantik(^3^)♥
    Nice collab ^O^

  6. Lovely look hun! you managed to capture the flapper vibe perfectly! Now off to find a perfect flapper inspired outfit here :)

    1. Thank youu so much ♥♥
      Flapper's look is really popular nowadays ^^

  7. Looking beautiful girls! Love the eyes and Lina's lips.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

    1. Thank youuuu ♡♡
      Yeah I love it too &^

  8. How fun! I'm a huge 20's fan and adore F. Scott Fitzgerald so I was really excited when that remake came out last year. Love your look - You all look beautiful & very flapper-esque.

  9. I think you nailed the flapper girl look! I'm deeply in love with the 90s era and the flapper look is something i personally love!

  10. it is really great collaboration with beauty bloggers! thanks for sharing!

    - from gig

  11. All of the girls look fab! I bet you had a lot of fun preparing this makeovers :-)

  12. you have the innocent angel look. love your makeup

  13. I love flapper costumes! You can get inspiration from The Great Gatsby or maybe even Downton Abbey. :) Good job on the makeup!

  14. i love your look. and love the pearl embellishment

  15. Well done! You;ve done a great job recreating The Great Gatsby. Love the headgear!

  16. This is such a great idea for collaboration. :) I love your look!

  17. cute looks - I love all these retro images and makeup. Your proposal is amazing. Very well done.

  18. I love the '20s. Everything was so classic, vintage-y and plain beautiful. But I think you interpreted the '20s vibe very flawlessly. Love you makeup and the cute accessory makes it even more better. <3

  19. What a pretty collaboration! I like The Great Gatsby and I love watching it on film. Nice makeup tutorial, too. I adore your lip bows!

  20. OMG that's so cute! And I think you have done a great job <3 looks nice!

  21. cantik bangett. suka sama makeupnya. nice tutorial too :D


  22. This is one of the more creative and fun collaborations! I love the makeup looks from the 20s! Definitely one of my favorites.

  23. wow that is really lovely - well done - v interesting and lovely result

  24. woww you guys look stunningggg ! It's so close to the character ! good job !


  25. nice and simpel tutorial~~
    keep it on :)

    feel free to visit :))


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