Thursday, February 25, 2016

Poise Party Decorator Soft Opening

Hey amazing readers,
Last Valentine's day i was invited to Poise party decorator soft opening. Poise decorator is a new party decorator made by the owners of britty's bake and sweetgems Bali. So due to my "waiting for the future boyfriend" status haha nah I'm not that pathetic. High tea and eat some sweets for valentine's day is a good idea. What i love is we have to wear pastel color clothes. Yeshh i love pastel much .

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rococo Resort Bali (Shopper's Paradise)

Finally i am awake from a long long hiatus. Well i've been busy with my uni life and if you read my posts before you might know that i'm currently studying in China and China almost block every social media and it makes me so hard to open my own blog.So yeah week ago Rococo resort made their grand opening in Seminyak village and they invited Bali bloggers to come,thank you for the invitations Rococo,such an honour.Now i will talk about Rococo and what's there.