Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Waxing Experience at Waxhaus + Giveaway !

Hello amazing people ,
I want to share with you guys about my waxing experience at waxhaus. Before sharing, i would like to tell you stories about naughty hair on my body.So naughty hair on my body isn't thick but there are lots of hair on my arms and leg.The most uncomfortable is on under arms,I really wish that i have underams like korean actress,so clean and white. Beside underarms,legs hair are also disturbing.Many people said that only boys have that much hair so i'm quiet embarrased that i have legs hair.
Luckily waxhaus tell me that i can come and review their cute waxing place.I got free waxing too,lucky me.
Few days ago I went to waxhaus at beachwalk Bali,the waxing place is super cute. If you know me ,you know why i love waxhaus . Yess because it is so cute and fun place to visit.

When i enter the front glass door i can see the Waxhaus logo and also feeto.Waxhaus offer you waxing of course,while feeto is for reflexology and body massage.On the glass shelf there are some massage oil. Well i love the white brick effect on the wall ,so pretty.

On the side you can see cute front desk,you can make reservation here ,payment and also there are lots of information about what waxhaus offers.

So this is the waxing menu,look how cute the design is? So what's not cute at waxhaus? LOL
The price is really affordable.As you can see even underarms waxing is IDR 55.000 or $5 ,omg i think i will come here every two weeks to get underarm waxing hehe

Not just waxing they offer reflexology and body massage too on feeto department. The price is also really good and affordable. You can choose your favorite fragrance and your drink.So interesting right?

Those are the massage oil bottle, unfortunately i didn't smell any of them but the bottle is quite cute.Everything are super cute in here. I could die of cuteness lol

Well on the other side of waxhaus ,there are plenty of cute photo frames hanging on the wall, and also cute round lamp hanging on the ceiling. I feel so comfy because it feels like home.

They have 4 waxing rooms and the room looks so comfy ,one single bed ,hanger,waxing table and a lemon picture.The room isn't too big or small, it's fit for two people.

They use caramel waxing ,the texture and scent is almost like sugarpotwax,you can check the review here .
The caramel wax is pure and uses natural ingredients.

Move on to feeto department.This room with one bed is for body massage. The light makes me so sleepy and makes me wanna sleep ,feel so relax there.

This comfy boss chair is for reflexology.

Okay enough for the waxhaus tour , now i will show you the day i became a real girl LOLL .I will be free without naughty hair. Firstly the waxhaus staff prepare all the things for waxing.Oh by the way because i just have an hour on waxhaus so i just got eyebrow and legs waxing. Th owner itself offered me full body waxing and their reflexology but sigh i don't have much time that day.

This is me getting ready for waxing. I have to change my pants to their flowy waxing skirt.

1.Wash / clean the leg with wet towel
2. Pour powder evenly
3. Use the strip to apply the caramel wax and pull fastly

Look how gross my crazy leg hair but thanks to waxhaus ,now i'm free from the gross naughty hair

REVIEW : I am surprised that it isn't painful,waxhaus probably hire experienced staffs.All hair is gone ,nothing's left. All i can see are my smooth and clean legs.

TIPS : Don't use gel or lotion after waxing. Don't shower with hot/warm water after waxing.

PRICE : IDR 85k (half legs)

1. Clean eye area
2.Cover eyes and forehead with both hands
3. Remove brows with string *picture below*

Actually my brow hair is really thin but there are some hair that grow randomly so the owner said that it has to be groomed.

This is the string to pull eyebrow hair.

REVIEW : The eyebrow waxing is a bit painful but not much pain.But i am satisfied with the result because my eyebrows are on perfect shape now.

TIPS : Don't use gel,cream or lotion for 2 hours after waxing.


Thank you so much Waxhaus for the fun tour and letting me experience waxing at your cute place. I am so grateful.

If you enjoy their treatments please give them reviews to waxhaus@yahoo.com or follow their twitter @waxhaus


Plaza Semanggi

plaza semanggi | 1st fl #44
jl. jend sudirman kav. 50
Jakarta 12930
021 – 7072.0044 

Kota Kasablanka

kota kasablanka | LG #62
jl. casablanca raya kav. 88
jakarta 12870
021 – 2948.8620 

waxhaus & feeeto!
summarecon serpong

summarecon mall 2 | BA #13
jl. boulevard gading serpong
tangerang 15810
021 – 2931.0612  

waxhaus & feeto!
beachwalk mall

beachwalk mall | B1 #A15
Jl. pantai kuta
bali 80361
0361 – 8465.573  

bintaro xchange

bintaro xchange | B1 #4
CBD emerald blok CE/A no.1
tangerang 15227
021 – 2986.4648 

 (reservation through website/phone)



Waxhaus collaborate with me and we will giving away two vouchers with total IDR 50k/each person. So i will pick lucky 2 people to get this vouchers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will choose two lucky winners randomly from rafflecopter 
Start 02.09.2014 Ends 08.09.2014
Good luck everyone !

Warm Hugs,


  1. angiee.. nice review
    jadi kepengen juga ke waxhaus yg di sini :D

    1. Thank you kak mandaa ♡♡
      Ayo kak main2 ke waxhaus ,ikutan giveaway nya ya kak ^^

  2. Gfc Jessica Liani S
    Twitter @jcliani
    insta @jcliani

    1. Thanks for joining ceee ♡♡ btw cc followers ke 100 blogku akkk ♥.♥

  3. ahh aku pernah liat ini di xchange! bener ya ternyata baru buka cabang di bintaro :3 deket bgt sama rumah xixixii affordable bgt ya.. pgn half leg waxing >.<

    name : Dewi Yang
    gfc : Dewi yang
    twitter : @Dewii_20
    instagram : @dewiuno
    email : lolly_me1@yahoo.com

    1. Iya wi yg di bintaro baru ,wih enak dong bisa waxing kapan aja.Harganya bersahabat banget emang dan hasilnya memuaskan ,suka banget deh
      Thanks for joining ya wi

  4. Pengen coba.. brazilian waxing..
    Kira2 sakit bingitss gak yaa..

    name : indiyah
    gfc : indiyah
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    1. Aku ditawarin pas di waxhaus tapi aku gak brani hehe ,next aku mungkin coba.Ayo coba waxing nya ^^
      Thanks for joining ya ♡

  5. Wuaaat!! Di bali ada? *happy joget joget
    Selama ini sering banget aku googling cari tempat waxing yg kece dan higienis di bali, syukurlah ada skarang. Pengen banget nih waxing underarm..hehe

    1. Iyaaaa ada di beachwalk hehe ^^
      Di waxhaus tempatnya bagus ,bersih ,nyaman deh. Thanks for joining yaa ^^

    2. Hoo ada giveaway nya too. Ikut join deh:
      name: dini setiyorini
      gfc account: dini setiyorini
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  6. Nggie, aku sering ke waxhaus tp ga pernah treatment samsek. Hehehe, anterin temen2 yg pd suka ke sini... :p

    1. Lain kali coba aja kak waxing disana ,terutama kalo mau rapiin eyebrow bisa banget tuh

    2. OK, sudah join ya..

      Nama: Alfia Widati
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      Wish me luck! Hehehehe... :D

  7. wah agak pricey juga ya >,<
    tapi tempatnya unyuuu bingittz :3

    1. Oh ya ce? Kalo di bali sih aku bilang ini murah ce ,waxing di tempat2 lain bisa mahal banget ^^
      Iyaaa tempatnya unyuu

  8. alisnya rapi bangeettt,
    btw cantik bgt sih kamu ^^

    1. Hihi thank youuu berkat eyebrow waxing nih ^^
      Cc juga cantikk

  9. seneng perawatan ya mbak yang satu ini... wess... mulus mulus :)


    1. Hihi iya kak sekalian review tempat waxingnya ,lucu bangeettt ^^

  10. Anggie mupeng banget ingin nge wax eyebrow juga...mau coba ahh... thanks for info nya ya ;)

    1. Ayo coba kak biar rapi alisnya hihi ^^
      Ikutan giveawaynya sekalian kak

  11. wihhh lucu banget ya designnyaa ^^
    btw ga bs bayangin gmn sakitnya eyebrow wax Y__Y
    alis dicabut one by one aja udah sakit, apalagi kalo diwax barengan..

    1. Iya ceee design dan interior nya eye catching banget. Lumayan sakit sih ce itu kayak di plintir sama tali.gak pake caramel wax nya kok ce

  12. Wahh.. Tertarik sama eyebrow waxingnya... :( ga ada di Bandung tapi #hix
    Anyway, thanks for sharing ^^

    modimelodi | A blog by Moudy

    1. Yahhh iya nih blum ada di bandung ,mungkin kalo lagi main2 ke jkt ^^

  13. suka tulisanmu: NO MORE NAUGHTY HAIR dan jadi penasaran >.<
    name: Theresia Syanli Octavia
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    1. Haha iya soalnya keselnya kalo ada bulu kaki dll ,thanks for joining dear ^^

  14. Very lovely ^^

    恵美より ♥

  15. Thanks for your review sweetheart.. i'll try for Brazillian Wax at Waxhaus this week :)

  16. Pernah beberapa Kali mencoba,hasilnya sangat memuaskan...
    Tapi terkhir Kali khusunya half legs hasilnya kurang memuaskan...masih banyak sisa bulu yang tidak kecabut sampe akar....yang saya liat mungkin karna pekerjanya...
    Beda pekerja maka hasilnyapun berbeda....

  17. Pada saat melakukan wax bulu kaki juga pekerja tersebut tidak melakukan seperti langkah2 yang anda tunjukan misalnya pour the powder...
    Saat itu saya sangat kecewa,karna banyak banget bulu yang tidak tercabut...justru yang ada bulunya putus...
    Tapi sebelum2nya hasilnya memuaskan...mungkin benar karna pekerja yang melayani saya masih kurang paham atau mungkin pegawai baru....:(

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