Wednesday, September 10, 2014

XueJiaLN Foot Care Mask Review - Sponsored

Hello amazing readers,
This will be my last post that I write in Indonesia ,well for this year. Some of you know that I will move to China and I hope I can still blog there because I will be super busy with college. Today I want to review Xue Jia LN foot care mask that I got few weeks ago fron novia skincare. I actually like to pamper my foot because I think foot is an important part of our body right? Without foot we can't walk,can't run.So we should care about our foot too.

The packaging is cute with the baby blue /tosca color with baby foot on it. I just get their meaning by seeing the packaging.They want our foot to be like baby foot.

1.Take foot mask glove and out glove sheet separately from the center dotted line.
2.Wear foot mask glove on both foot.
3.Take a rest for about 20 - 30 minutes for foot to absorb solution before remaining gloves.

So this is the foot mask ,really simple and useful.

As you can see,the pink dotted line is where you cut it so your foot can get in.

Firstly I cut the pink dotted line to let my foot in then I use socks to remain the foot mask places. I mean that the fot mask will stay in their place ^^

As I waited for 30 minutes ,the solution absorb and after I take it off and wash my foot, my foot has become smoother. The owner said that my foot shoul peeled but hmm nothing came out ,I think it's because I use foot cream every night.

My foot is smoother ,and yes no more stinky foot.i think the foot skin is brighter too.I am really happy with the result !

RATING : 4/5


1.Cute Packaging
2.Easy to use
3.Make foot skin smoother and brighter
4.No more stinky foot

1.Stinging sensation because of the solution

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  1. I don't know why but I always feel afraid to use a foot mask heheheh... nice review~ btw, good luck on your studies in China!^^

  2. Kebeneran kaki ku pecah2 hehe, yaaah angie udah ga disini T.T good luck ya disana sygku ♥ great review btw ^^

  3. wow nice review... gonna try this soon...!!
    visit my blog dear.., and I just followed you =)

  4. Ohh my your feet became so smooth and soft! :3

  5. kebetulan banget ngie , kakiku lagi gk asik nihh . thanks for the review dear dan take care ya disana

  6. waah keliatan banget yah bedanya, jadi lebih halus gitu :D


  7. Wah aku belum pernah pakai foot mask, keliatannya lucu juga kalo kaki di masker sekaligus kasih nutrisi ke si kaki hihihi

    nice review Angie, I already followed your blog, mind to follow back? ;)


  8. Hai aku nominasiin blog ini di lebster award aku. Silahkan klik link ini yaa

  9. That looks like a cool product!!! XD maybe I should try it someday.

    anyway.. thanks for stopping by and telling me about your plan to move to guang zhou and visit Hong Kong!! I'd love to meet you in person ^_^ maybe you can tell me where we can contact more (since blog comment section isn't really efficient lol)

    but first, let's follow each other :D

    (I've followed you and now waiting for you to do so :) )

    Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (

  10. hello, aku nominated kamu di liebster awards ^^

    mind to followback? hehe

  11. Aku beli di @novia_skincares 3pcs foot masknya. Dan sekarang lagi aku pake kak^^

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  13. stinging? :O kaya gimana rasanyaaa? ini must try banget >D<


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