Tuesday, April 29, 2014

B Blog, I A.M a Blogger

hello again viewers 
Today i will share why i want to be a blogger and everything i did as a blogger ,but unfortunately i have to write this in indonesian ,if you don't understand i have a translate button on the right side of my blog ^^
Have fun reading <3
okaaayyyy sekarang aku bakal ceritain kenapa aku bisa buat blog trus buat apa sih bikin blog? aku akan ulas dengan sejujur2nya lol

1.Kenapa kamu membuat blog?

awalnya aku bener-bener gak punya pengetahuan apapun tentang blog ,bener-bener 0 deh kalo bisa dibilang. Setelah aku punya account social media dan sering browsing-browsing,ketemu lah blog yang aku sukaaa banget ,yang punya juga cantik-cantik,kalo penasaran coba klik "about me" di samping kiri blogku.
Dengan tau blog itu aku jadi suka baca-baca blog nya mereka ,isinya bagus dan berguna tapi aku masih belum buat blog soalnya menurutku ribet dan harus update biar dikenal orang.Itu pas tahun lalu,tahun 2013.
Nah,Desember tahun 2013 aku ikut lomba nyanyi sama sepupuku dan aku baru tau kalo dia punya blog.Pulangnya aku check-check blognya dia,bagus banget,gak kalah deh sama blog-blog lain,terus dia jelasin tentang blog dan lain-lain,bener2 buat aku tertarik dan awal januari aku buat deh blog isinya sih beauty dan healthy tips karena lagi suka banget sama makeup.Kalo kalian lihat archive blogku kok januari sama februari postnya dikit bangeettt,itu karena aku lagi persiapan UN jadi maklum ya ^^ ,nah april udah libur jadi aku menyempatkan diri di depan laptop buat update blog,tentunya biar blogku dikenal sama orang dan bisa berguna untu pembaca/pengunjung semua.
Nah alasanku lagi membuat blog karena aku lagi liburan jadi mengisi waktu luang dengan hal positif seperti blogging ini.Aku juga akan kuliah diluar dan pastinya aku bakal homesick banget dan semoga dengan blog ini bisa ngobatin homesick aku.

(MakeUp Collaboration) Flapper Girls Inspired look

Hello lovely viewers
I am so happy because some beauty bloggers asked me to make a collaboration makeup look and the theme is flapper from the great gatsby 
Flapper stands for a young woman who wear short skirts,cut her hair to a sporty look,they use makeup and listen to jazz 
They live in the era of 1920's
So here's the banner of the Great gatsby

And this is our collaboration banner which is made by Lintang

Thank you so much for making this amazing banner 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

(Make Up Tutorial) Futuristic Gipsy look for IBB MUC April

Heyyy lovely viewers 
Today i'm gonna share the tutorial of my Futuristic Gipsy look ,i use this look to submit the makeup challange from ibb with make over id
but unfortunately i didn't make it,instead of dissapointed i prefer take that as a lesson that i haven't do my best so i will learn and learn more to achieve something better in the future
The theme for the makeup challange is find your signature colour and as i said before, i like blue,green,pink,and orange but i didn't include orange to this look
Why did  i choose futuristic and gipsy?
Gipsy girls are beautiful and they look like a fortune teller so that's the reason
and futuristic came from the ide of katy perry E.T's makeup
as you can see the upper eye is gipsy look a like
and the under is futuristic look ^^
okayy let's start

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hiiii lovely viewers 
I join this month indonesian beauty blogger IBB Makeup challange with make over indonesia
well i really love make over indonesia that's why i join this makeup challange
maybe this is a late submission but i already tried my best ^^

Thursday, April 17, 2014

(REVIEW) Sephora Mini Bag MakeUp Pallette

Heyyy amazing viewersss
I just finished my national examm *cheer*
So Holidaayyyyy ahhh so happy ,i can update my blog more frequent 
Today i'm gonna review the cute elegent Mini makeup pallette from sephora
I don't buy this makeup pallette,i got this from an online shop because i win their giveaway yeyyyyy
This pallette really suits people who likes travelling 
So let's begin ^^

front view

Thursday, April 10, 2014

(MAKEUP TUTORIAL) Katy Perry Dark Horse MakeUp Inspired

Heyyy viewers 
Have you seen katy perry's new music video? dark horse?
I really like it especially her egyptian theme and her egyptian eye makeup ^^
Because i want to challange myself, i decided to remake her eye makeup 
This is the first time i make egyptian eye makeup so don't judge if it's not perfect ,you can give me advice how to make it better though hihi
The liner is the main thing to make egyptian eye makeup ,it has pointy edge and playful under liner


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Heyyy viewerrrsss 
I'm so happy that i was nominated by my beauty blogger friend Jessica Alicia from www.jessicaalicia.com 
But i'm so sorry to tell my international viewers that i have to speak indonesian for the rest of the post ^^
Thanks for your consideration 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

(REVIEW) Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Heyyy viewers
Lately i've been learning eye makeup ,i keep searching for a good eye makeup tutorial but when i apply eyeshadow on my eyes the color doesn't pop out
What's wrong ? i forgot eye primer 
Eye primer really2 a MUST for eye make up
Why ???
  1.  It makes eye make up last longer
  2.  Makes the color from eyeshadow more visible
Now i'm gonna review my fav eye primer which is Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

(REVIEW) Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

Heyy viewerrrsss
I'm backkkkkk 
I'm really really happy because i win another giveaway ,the first is NYX Jumbo eye pencil (white) andddddd the second one is huge *lol*i got sephora mini bag pallete which cost $ 38
woohooo so happy ^^
well i will review after my giveaway come hahahaaha
And yesss since i have promise to you guys that i will review some of my march make up haul
and this is the one ^^
I know some of you might know this product but i will tell you my opinion about this product  


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lucky Winner

Hey viewers
These days online shops giving away their products to attract customer
A lot of giveaway do attract customer /someone whose craving for giveaways *no offense*
And i am one of them
Few days ago i won mini giveaway from ig: depth_dreamie/fb : dreamie chuppa