Saturday, February 22, 2014

Quick and Simple Make Up Tutorial

Good morning viewers
Today i will share about my first make up tutorial 
*drum roll*
I would like to review all my beauty products but unfortunately i have no times T.T
I was really busy lately,Test and Test and more test are coming 
Wish me luck for my final exam hihi
i wish you guys enjoy my first make up tutorial :)

I don't use any filter in this photo
I just edit the word and numbers.....
Okay here it is ;;) enjoy reading...


1.I use body shop's moisturizer , just to protect and moist my face
2.I use pigeon two way cake powder(i don't use foundation because my foundation make my face itchy ,too bad) but you can use foundation instead or bb cream 
3.I use the max factor under eye concealer
4.I use the NYX cake powder (taupe/ash)
5 &6.I use the max factor eyeliner but the eyeliner turn out gray so i use etude house oh m'eye line instead haha 
7.I use etude house tear drop liner (white) on the under eye
8.I use oriflame lipstick (peach) for the outer lip
9.I use sari ayu lipstick for inner lip so it will produce light gradient lip color ;;)
10.To make your eyes look bigger remember to use fake eyelashes
11.I use maybeline the falsies volume express just to add more volume to eyelashes
12.I use giordani gold illuminating pearls for the highlight
13.and finally i use estee lauder blusher

And this is my final look ^^

You can see a bit of light gradient lips right??
by the way i will learn more to apply the eyeliner
This one's still imperfect but i promise i will make a better make up tutorial 

I use filter in this photo ^^
Thank you for reading 
Have a nice day viewers !!! <3


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading dear,have a nice day ^^

  2. gitu aja udah bagus ko ngie eyemakeupnya ><
    bibirnya juga baguuus :D
    itu foto paling bawah yg kanan ngecap tah? :o apa mataku aja @.@
    btw this is a great tutorial for the first time!^^
    xoxo :D

    1. Ngeekk sorry baru bales kaa,blum pro kayak kamuuuu ,iya itu ngecap aku pake gel liner kan,trus pas aku buka ,ternyata ngecap ughhh ,thank you btw ,have a nice day GBU ^^


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