Wednesday, May 14, 2014

April and May Makeup Haul

Hi Lovely viewersss
Today i will show you what i bought on april and may
Most of my April makeup haul is giveaway prize ,super happy on April lol
Okay let's start with


  1. Victoria's Secret Runway Beauty Makeup Kit (Giveaway prize from lesessentiels)
  2. Sephora Mini Bag Pallette (Giveaway prize from Beauty Kit Shop)
  3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Giveaway prize from Bunny Beauty)
  4. Oriflame Very Me Soft n Glam (Gift from mom)
  5. The Face Shop Lovely Me Ex Stamping on my lips (Gift from someone super special)
  6. Kiehl's sample
  7. The face shop Chia seed moisturizing cream sample
  8. The Face shop Real Nature Mask Pomegranate (From kakao talk)
  9. Etude House Pomegranate Mask (One of giveaway prize from skin79indonesia)

What i got from Kiehl's ?
okay before i tell you what i got,i will teach you how to get 5 minutes consultation+ 5 free sample from kiehl's
  1. Click here
  3. Redeem your prize 
From my consultation on kiehl's i can conclude that my skin is normal combination,oily t-zone,and i need whitening products. Unfortunately i didn't ask why should i use whitening products ,hmmm okay then let's check what i got
  1. Kiehl's Purifying foaming cleanser
  2. Kiehl's Clearly corrective dark spot solution
  3. Kiehl's Clarity Activating Toner
  4. Kiehl's Hydrating moisture Emulsion
  5. Kiehl's Deep moisture clarifying cream
Thank you so much Kiehl's


What's inside this fancy KAY collection shopping bag ???
let's see

So i bought 3 pairs of fake eyelashes from kay collection
2 of them are for upper lashes and 1 is for under lash

anddddd giveaway prize again

  1. Sephora makeup pouch
  2. Butter London nail product
  3. nuxellence jeunesse sample
  4. Smashbox lipgloss
  5. Lancome bb cream sample
  6. Loreal miracle blur finishing cream
  7. POP clip in animal print
  8. Nars tinted moisturizer sample
  9.  UDPP sample
  10. Gucci Guilty eu de toilette sample
  11. L'artisan perfumes sample
and i got this sample giveaway from beautykit shop 
Thank you so much for readinggg
fyi,i won't update my blog until may 22nd because i have to go somewhere lol
don't miss me hehe

Have a nice day

Warm hugs,


  1. congratss ngie menang banyak giveaway heheh ^^
    ditunggu review sephora nya ya ^_^

    1. Thank you kak dewi ^^
      Yang sephora aku udah review kak hehe ^^

  2. Ah enaknya bisa konsultasi dan dapet varian sample Kiehl's-nya macem2 :( Aku cuma dapet toner, moisturizer (yang keduanya ga disesuaiin sama kulitku T.T), 2 pcs BB Cream dan moisturizer buat cowok (aku kasih pacar hehe)..

    Senengnyaaaa dapet banyak hadiah dari giveaway, rejeki nomplok yakk! :D

    1. loh? kok gitu? coba ke counter nya kiehl's lagi dengan sebutin code yang di kasi di fb kiehl's dear ^^
      iya nih lagi beruntung hihi ^^

  3. wuihh VS nyaaa OvO enak bangett menang giveaway >.<

    1. ikr jessss omggg seneng banget cece bisa dapet ginian hehe
      nanti aku lempar ke kamu say #plak


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