Sunday, July 6, 2014


Tasya Phan just launch her new beauty blog and she celebrate her new Beauty Blog by making a huge massive giveaway along with her sponsor Etude Recipe.
I just want to say congratulate on your new beauty blog ,it's amazing .You must have skill to blog ,your writing is good too. I really look forward to your beauty blog !and you're from Bali too akkkk. Good luck on you blogging journey and welcome to the family ^^

Okay now i will talk in Bahasa .Giveaway ini hanya untuk yang tinggal di Indonesia.Akan ada 3 pemenang nantinya .Aturannya tinggal mengisi rafflecopter saja .Jika tertarik ikut ,klik disini 

Penasaran apa hadiahnya?? Langsung aja ini dia hadiah2nya

  1. Set 18 Brush Bobbi Brown
  2.  Coin Purse Etude House 
  3.  Must Have Post-It Etude House
  4.  Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Brown
  5.  Dream On Powder #01 Clear Beige
  6.  Oh M'eye Line #Brown
  7.  Proof 10 Color Eye Stick #08 Deep Ocean Blue
  8.  Look At My Eyes #Pearl Shadow Base
  9.  Look At My Eyes Jewel #BL602
  10. Collagen Eye Patch
  11.  I Nedd You, Lemon ! Mask Sheet 
  12. Some Sample

  1. Preciouse Mineral Magic Any Cushion #Travel Kit
  2.  Coin Purse Etude House
  3.  Ac Clinic White - Trouble Yellow Spot
  4.  Ac Clinic White - Trouble Bubble Cleanser
  5.  Ac Clinic Intense Mask Sheet
  6.  Ac Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Patch
  7.  Petit Bijou Peach Touch - Allover Spray
  8.  Proof 10 Color Eye Stick #14 Tanning Brown
  9.  Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack #Recude Black Heads
  10. Some Sample

  1. Preciouse Mineral Magic Any Cushion #Travel Kit
  2. Coin Purse Etude House
  3. Missing You Hand Cream #4 Eastern Grass Owl
  4. Silk Scraft Moist Hair Mist
  5. I Need You, Green Tea ! Mask Sheet
  6. I Need You, Royal Jelly ! Mask Sheet 
  7. I Need You, Olive ! Mask Sheet
  8. Some Sample 
Optional :(hadiah tambahan)
  1. Share Giveaway ini di blog-mu (10 Point)
  2. Put Giveaway Baner on your side bar (10 Point)

Giveaway ini berlangsung dari tanggal 1 July'14 sampai dengan 31 July'14
Pemenang akan di umumkan di Blog Phanxiaodan, instagram Phanxiaodan, Fanpage Etude Recipe & Account FB Etude Recipe. 


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