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Homemade Sugar Scrub Aromatheraphy Green Tea and Milk

Hello everyone ,i'm here to review homemade products again
Why do i review lots of homemade products? well it's actually because of the sponsors lol.
But what i love about homemade products are they use natural ingredients ,check the quality of products one by one.That's why i love homemade products.
Weeks ago Pretty Recipe sent me two best sellers sugar scrubs ,and they are Homemade sugar scrub aromatheraphy with more function ,green tea and milk.
So let's start the review.

I am a fan of cute things so the sugar scrubs packaging is to die for. I love it so so much ,love the clean,simple and cute design,love the simple font, love the polkadot cloth at the top. I remember of some diy jar.But there is one thing i don't like which is the plastic jar itself ,as you can see on the picture,the plastic jar is dent. It's really easy to dent. so not a fan of the plastic jar but overall i love it.

Look at the polkadot cloth ,i don't know why but i love the idea of this cute lid.

"Because you need to relax" -sugar scrub quotes .Working all day?tired? maybe you need this because homemade sugar scrub offer you relaxation and tll you that you need to relax.

So when you release the little rope there will be transparent rubber that makes the polkadot cloth tight.Whe you release the transparent rubber you will see the cap.

Open the cap and once again you will see transparent cap. They're really toughtful when it comes to packaging.Not any of the scrub spill so 10 out of 10 for the packaging hmmm minus 2 for the dent jar lol.But i still love it.


Sugar Scrub Aromatheraphy has 11 variants.Rose , Vanilla , Stawberry, Grape, Lemon,Apple,Peppermint, Milk,Coffee,Greentea, and Chocolate

Since i didn't get the manual so this is what i get from Pretty recipe's instagram.
Sugar Scrub Aromatheraphy is one of body treatment that the main ingredient is sugar plus another natural ingredients like olive oil,oat,oryza sativa,etc.

1.Lift dead skin
2.Anti aging
3.protect skin from the sun,polution ,dust and uv light that can damage skin.

PRICE : IDR 45.000

Sugar Scrub Aromatheraphy with more function has 5 variants :
1.Coffee : reduce cellulite
2.Peppermint : relax stress and tired skin
3.Milk :  nourish and enlightening skin
4.Greentea : antioxidant
5.Chocolate : detox and anti aging

The function is actually the same but those 5 have more function.

PRICE : 50.000

The texture is powdery with rough sugar. It's almost like you touch flour but that has sugar on it. Milk sugar scrub is softer than green tea sugar scrub because green tea sugar scrub has plenty of chopped dry green tea leaves.I'm pretty sure this sugar scrub are super natural and made of natural ingredients.The scent of milk sugar scrub is like milk powder ,soft scent and sweet.Can i drink the milk sugar scrub? lol.The scent of green tea sugar scrub is like matcha powder.soft scent,sweet and has slightly bitter scent from green tea leaves.Overall i love the smell of the sugar scrubs.


  1. Put Sugar Scrub on a bowl (3-6 tbs depend on your body size)
  2. Pour water into the bowl (not too much)
  3. Scrub on whole body (except face)
  1. Wet your lips with water
  2. Put sugar scrub on your lips
  3. scrub gently
I don't use as a lip scrub yet so i can't say much but as a body scrub,the sugar scrub works so well. The milk sugar scrub smoothen and brighten my skin.The greentea one makes me so relax .

As you can see,they use real sugar as the main ingredients.The rough sugar makes my skin so smooth because it lifts dead skin.

RATING : 4/5

REPURCHASE : Maybe or i'll buy another variants of sugar scrub

  1. Cute Packaging
  2. Love the polkadot cloth on the lid
  3. Scrub can't spill due to tight and layered lid
  4. Relaxing scent
  5. Natural ingredients
  6. Smoothen,brighten and lift dead skin accurately
  7. Affordable price
  8. Easy to use
  9. Suits to be a lovely gift for your love ones or souvenir
  10. Polkadot cloth can be used as a DIY materials
  1. Dent plastic jar
  2. Not travel friendly (dent easily and a bit heavy)

BBM : 28399712
Whatsapp/SMS : 082211888292
LINE : prettyrecipe/becuteyou
Kakaotalk : prettyrecipe
Pretty Recipe sells lots of homemade products such as sugar scrub,rub and rinse,sugar lip scrub,homemade lip balm and more.I really recommend this shop because They sell lots of homemade products and the price is not to expensive.The owner is super friendly.

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  1. Lip scrub aku sih pake yg bener2 homemade alias DIY alias bikin sendiri baahahaha Pake madu sama gula pasir aja gitu trus dioles2in di bibir ^^ Tapi kalo ini ada pilihannya jadi seru kayaknya yaa bisa milih2 rasa2 gitu *jadi ngiler* #eh

    Anyway, aku nominasiin kamu di blogku >> Mampir yaa! ^^

    1. Aku dulu biasa pake lip mask kak tapi sejak dapet sugar scrub lebih seneng pake sugar scrub.ini banyak variannya kak lebih enak deh
      Akkkk thank you ♡

  2. produk homemade kayaknya emang lagi booming ya ngie, tapi ini lucu banget deh packagingnya <3
    jadi penasaran sama yg greentea atau vanila, wanginya pasti enak banget :3

    1. Betul tuh kak tapi kalo homemade enaknya gak takut2 mau beli soalnya bahan2 yg dipake alami. Yg green tea harumnya matcha bangett jadi inget di resto jepang makan matcha ice cream hehe. Ayo coba kak nurinnn ,aku penasaran sama yg chocolate n coffee nih

  3. Packagingnya lucuu XD

    Anw followed u, follow back yah :)

    1. Iyaaaaa >.< sayangnya plastic jar gampang penyok

  4. bagaimana cara memesan product ini?


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