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(REVIEW) Kiss Whitening Collagen Cream Mask

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Today i will review The amazing Thailand skincare which is Kiss Whitening Collagen Cream Mask.
Thailand skincare is really popular nowadays maybe you already hear kiss skincare.No wonder,because lots of people use this and lots of people left a good testimonials.
I really wanna buy this mask before but the price isn't cheap so i entered a giveaway made by kiss skincare Indonesia and luckily i won !! woohoo i was really excited. I won Kiss whitening collagen cream mask 15 ml

It's simple and for me it's cute ,i love the pink color on the packaging.It's not travel friendly because the size is quite big and i think it's quite easy to's vulnerable.But i still love it

This is the packaging side of the kiss skincare ,There are lots of pink kiss writing and "I'm in love at first kiss"
It's simple but it's eyecatching right? The pastel color is a great idea ,it's calm and looks nice.

The overnight cream mask that restores radiance, clarity & suppleness to all skin types. Formulated with collagen extract, alpha arbutin, vitaminc C+ and natural extracts, the cream mask diminishes the appearance of pores, support natural nourishment, exfoliates and addresses impurities.

This cream mask is 100% all natural product with no trace of steriods nor mercury. Therefore suitable for all skin types including oily and sensitive skin!

Developed by the famous beauty & skin expert, the mask is formulated with collagen extract, alpha arbutin, vitamin C+ and natural extracts. This diminishes the
appearance of pores, supports natural nourishment, exfoliates and addresses impurities.

The concentrated collagen in this mask serves as a regenerative agent to renew your skin cells and making you look younger and more vibrant. It restores radiance, clarity & suppleness to skin, minimises the open pores, and smoothen your skin. (source :

So it's safe ,really good for your skin


I've been doing this for one and a half months so i really feel that my face is brighter and cleaner
For me it's amazing .
DO Use it 1-2 times a week , use it at night as a night cream
DON'T Use it everyday and mix with your regular night cream

The kiss skincare jar is really hygienic because it uses pump unlike another skincare jar that we have to use our fingers to take the cream.The pump is also easy to use ,just press then the cream will come out.

This is the kiss skincare jar.The cream isn't much but need a long time to make the jar empty.

This is my face after one and a half month using kiss whitening collagen cream mask
1.Brightening : Yes
2.Moisturizing : Yes
3.Minimize pores : Yes
4.Lighten acne scars : Yes
5.Even skin tone : not really
6.Anti wrinkle : i have no wrinkle

RATING : 5/5
REPURCHASE : maybe (quite expensive)

1.Amazing result
2.Easy to use
3.Makes my skin brighter but not pale ,more healthy
4.Not smelly lol

1.Expensive  15 ml (IDR 300k) ,30 ml (IDR 450k) but still worth it
2.not travel friendly

Read my first impression of this product too

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You can buy this product on
WA: +6281934251589
LINE/SMS: 081934251589


  1. mukamu mah emang udah mulus gitu ngie xD
    nice review! aku juga bakal ngereview ini dalam waktu dekat xD

    1. Ada jerawat di jidat gede banget sebelomnya tauuuu tapi lama2 ilang gara2 pake ini huehhehehe
      Ditunggu review nya cintaahh :*

  2. Sampe sekarang masih berharap juga nih dapet produk ini dari Giveaway wkwkwk. Mau beli masih ngelus-ngelus dompet :p

    Nice review Ngie ^_^

    1. Aku juga gitu ce eh pas banget dapet
      Rada mahal soalnya ,gak friendly sama dompet ,ayo ce semangat ikut2 giveaway kiss biar dapet ^^
      Thank you ce luciiii ♡♡

  3. masih wistlist niy... hehe jd pengen cobain

    angie folback yah... tq ;)

  4. aku suka banget sm mask ini.. <3 <3 <3

  5. ahh cci mukanya mulus bgt.. Pengen nyobain ini tp pricey hihi >.<
    oh ya, mind to follow back? ^^

    1. Berkat kiss nih cintaaa ♡♡
      Coba aja ,walaupun pricey tapi worth it loh ^^
      Okay aku follback ^^

  6. I love this mask! ^^
    km mah uda muyuss ngie ^^

    1. Me too kak dewi ♡♡
      Berkat kiss nih muyus nya huehehhe
      Thank you udah mampir kak ♥

  7. Replies
    1. Still worth to buy ciii,hasilnya bagus ^^
      Thanks for visiting ci ♡

  8. Aduh cantiknya Angie. ♡♡ nice review dear. ;)

    1. Ah ce yanita lebih cantikkk ♡♡
      Thank you cece ♥♥


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