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Make Over Demonstration by Mr.Yamaguchi from Pixy Indonesia

Hiii lovely readers 
Today i will share my first experience on a beauty event woohooo
Hmmm actually it's the second time .Months ago i attended Miss world top model but it's more like fashion event.
Pixy which is Indonesian makeup brand held a beauty event and the theme is "Tokyo makeup of the day"
Pixy invited Japanese Professional Makeup Artist Mr.Tsukasa Yamaguchi to acquaint Japanese makeup style to Indonesian people.
I was super excited because i really like Japanese makeup style.

This banner explains types of Japanese Makeup.So there are 4 types of makeup that MR.Yamaguxhi will demonstrate
1.Active Kawaii :This chic makeup suits for hangout and shopping with friends
2.Lovely Shikku : Makeuop for work
3.Doki-Doki Party : Flirty and cute makeup for party
4.Sweet Kyun : Romantic makeup that makes your boyfriend fall in love with you over and over again LOL

Pixy Beauty Event held on 7 city in Indonesia which are Makassar,Banjarmasin,Tangerang,Jakarta,Semarang,Palembang,and the last is Bali 
I attend Pixy beauty event in Bali on the last two days
Well my next post will be the Beauty workshop so stay tune ^^
How to get invitation :
1.Buy 3 Pixy products
2.Pixy will choose lucky customers to attend their beauty event

Luckily i got the chance to be the makeover model and attend the beauty workshop woohoo
Pixy makeover Demonstration took place at Hypermart Simpang Siur and it's 30 minutes from my house.

Well this is really funny because the event is on hypermart ,and as you know hypermart is a supermarket and please don't laugh if you see food and drink background.Okay i even laugh at my photos LOL
At backstage the pixy ladies apply makeup remover, toner and powder on models faces'

At the stage Mr.Yamaguchi makeover the real model and we (fake models lol) have to wait and omg i waited for so long.
Instead of sit calmly i prefer paint my nails and surprisingly it turns out good and of course it's free so i'm really happy.


Woohoo finally! After long time waiting ,we finally get the chance to see Mr Yamaguchi and makeover by him. The stage is small and i'm on the edge ,i really worry if i fall down but luckily i don't fall down. Phew
The first to get makeover is Dea. She's my new friend (just met lol).

While Dea get makeover suddenly the MC read the doorprize and i win omg lucky me.Thank you so much Pixy <3

Okay now it's my turn. I choose Sweet Kyun,as i explain before it's the makeup for romantic date with your boyfriend.

  1. Apply makeup remover,toner and compact powder
  2. Apply stick foundation on your under eyes,acne,under lower lips and beside nostrills 
  3. Apply eye primer
  4. Apply pink eyeshadow all over your lid and purple eyeshadow on outer corner of the lid
  5. Apply pencil liner and liquid liner 
  6. Apply mascara
  7. Draw the eyebrows ( start from outer part then continue to inner part)
  8. Apply pink blush on
  9. Apply pink lipstick
ps : stick foundation is similar to stick concealer

LOLL omg this photo ,my mom said that i look like (pemain sinetron) which is soap opera actress. OMG MOMMM NOOOOOOO !!!!!

Konichiwa ^^ minaa san lol
How do i look? Japanese enough?
For me the makeup is really simple. It's natural and sweet ,suits for hangout and yeah sweet kyun is a romantic makeup.

We all done !! My makeup is sweet kyun ,and the other 2 models is active kawaii. For active kawaii Mr.Yamaguchi uses green eyeshadow and other parts are almost similar.

Photo session !!!
Girl with hot pink dress is the real model she's so pretty and tall.
Woman with green t-shirt is my pretty petite mom.
Thanks to my mom for taking pictures and thanks to my lil bro for accompany me and my mom
Next post i will share the beauty workshop so stay tuneee

Thanks for reading
Have a nice day

Warm Hugs,


  1. Wuih enak kali ._. lah katamu dimana gitu? ._. kok jadinya di ss? :'( aku di ss lho waktu itu :'( huaaaa
    jam brapa tu? ._.
    Hypermart simpang siur xDDDD Mall bali galeria ngie xD
    Cantik kamu drpd modelnya ah -,-)a Why so pretty!!! >.<
    Kalau ak pasti malu tuh masuk TVnya =)) huhahuha
    Next time kalau ada ginian lagi bareng yah ;D Amin xD

    1. Iya ka kan 2 hari ,yg hari kedua di hotel mercure deketnya ss
      Yg hypermart jam stengah 7 malam kalo yg mercure jam 9 pagi
      Iya LOL di hypermart ughhh
      Nooooooo ,lebih cantik modelnyaaa
      You're prettier than the model though
      Ih iya gila tau mamaku bilanh kayak sinetron 2 ftv omggg
      Okaayy cintaaaa :*

  2. Wiiihh, asiiikk, keren banget nih ceritanya. Aku juga mau dong. Sayang, kesempatannya lewat ... -_____-

    1. Huehehehehe thank you dear ^^
      Tahun depan ada lagi kok say

  3. WOW, you look so pretty!! <3

  4. Waktu itu dikotaku juga ada event pixy. Sayangnya aku ga ikut karena kebetulan aku ada urusan lain.huhuhu
    Mudahan Pixy selalu adain event kayak gini.

    1. Yah sayang banget ,kata Pixy nya tahun depan ada lagi sih ^^

  5. Replies
    1. Ahhhh ce nessya bisa ajaaa ,cece lebih imuttt ^^

  6. ihh senengnyaaa.. cc juga mauuu jd modelnya.. hihih
    Kamu cantik banget non..

    1. Cocok tuh cc jadi modelnya ♡♡
      Thank you ce ellenn ,cece juga cantik bangeettt akk ^^


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