Friday, September 1, 2017

Sensatia Botanicals Factory Tour (Bali Beauty Blogger Outing)

Hello all beautiful ladies out there , so me and my Bali beauty bloggers squad decided to go to Karangasem which is located on the west side of Bali to visit Sensatia Botanicals factory and they show us around their factory for us to see the process of product making of Sensatia Botanicals.


After we arrived to Sensatia Botanicals factory, At first we should enter the shop and I was amazed by something on the wall which is Sensatia name meaning because I never know it before. So sensatia means an elated physical, mental and ethereal state of heightened sensuality and passion as a result of the titillation of the senses. Well wow for me Sensatia Botanicals suceed to elevate their name meaning to their products.

We enter the factory from the back of the shop and going up to the stairs and the factory is right in the middle of the stairs.


Going on after we enter the factory I saw the meeting table , vision mission board and also on the left side is the office. Talking about their vision and mission. 
Sensatia Botanicals this brand vision is to be the leading cosmetics and skincare company who use safe ,organic and non cruelty products and have outstanding quality that can compete with the global market.
And their missions are to provide lots of types of cosmetic products which are made of the best organic materials that has the best quality for the healthier lifestyle, Actively innovating and searching organic things that can replace or substitute chemical things so that they can produce the natural and competitive organic products. and the last 2 missions of Sensatia Botanicals are actively doing research of the product development for quality control, and they also want to give positive benefit for local people by giving them a job so they can work comfortably and distress.

Oh well this 2 amazing people here are Mbak Mega and Bli Komang ,they work for Sensatia Botanicals for a long time. They are our "factory tour guide"

First of all they show us the product storage. A super tidy and organized storage room. There were hundreds of product ready to sell in that storage.It's reall hygienic. and the smells is very "SENSATIA" ,I feel like smelling lemongrass in there.


After going out from their storage we are directed to a table which there are lots of essential oil. What are they? So Essential oil basicly is an extract from organic things (ex: lemongrass ,rose,etc) through a complicated process that organic things produce oil. And the oil is calles essential oil. Well sorry for not so good explanation but I bet you can understand HA. They use essential oil as one of or maybe more materials of Sensatia Botanicals products. Essential oil isn't just for aromatherapy but some of them can even heal some sickness symptoms. I really like skincare products which are made of essential oil beacuse they have nature smells and also have lots of benefit for our mind ,body and soul. 

Sensatia Botanicals also produce soaps for lots of popular villas and hotels in Bali such as Alila villas and Padma Resort !


soap making



also packaging

soap mixture


rejection room

materials storage room

chlorophyl as a natural colorings

So as you can see the storage room ,packaging room and else are really hygienic and I think they also maintain the temperature in the rooms. Because I bet lots of materials can't be good if it's too hot. Lots of ingredients and coloring are all from natural products and some of them even edible. I can't say much but they surely have International quality and it's all from organic materials.

After we finished the factory tour , Sensatia Botanicals gave us four of their leading products which are Daily essentials facial C-serum jasmine Blossom , Vanilla and Mandarin lip hydrate , Coconut and vanilla facial scrub and Wild honey facial mask. (will review later or maybe mini review on my Instagram @patricia19ev) 





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