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Milestone coffee and Azucar bake shop review

Hello Awesome people ,thank God i can blog in China haha thanks to my vpn.Well good day today so i will review the good place to get coffee and relax and also i will review amazing and super yummy biscuits and cookies from azucar.

So weeks ago i went to Milestone coffee and it's located in Sanur Bali. I went there and met with another bloggers because we were invited by the owner of milestone coffee and also azucar bakery.

The Gathering took place in second floor and when i went upstairs i was amazed by the ceiling ,it was pretty cool so i grabbed my camera and took a photo of the ceiling.

So i met Jessica Alicia from . Actually she was my junior in elementary school, so good to met old friend.

After a bit of photoshoot and chit chat ,we sit at the long table and saw cakes ,pretty little cakes.
1.Brownies brown sugar : if the ordinary brownies made of granulated sugar and cocoa ,milestone coffee owner made something unordinary by using brown sugar.i think the taste is really good.not too sweet like the ordinary brownies.the sweetness is just there and i quite like it.
2.Apple pie : The apple pie is a balance of sour and sweet plus a bit of savory in the skin so i kinda feel burst of flavor in my mouth and the cinammon also plays the big part in it ,everything at once .love it
3.Chocolate cake : The chocolate cake is really nice also it's like an ordinary chocolate cake but the sweetness also good ,not too sweet but not bland
4.Carrot cake with cheese cream : i never like carrot cake before because it taste auper carrot but milestone carrot cake is a good balance because they put cheese cream above the carrot cake and make it taste so balance ,i don't know why but i love their carrot cake.

*click* *click* took lots of photos of the cakes.

5.Crispy caramel choux : (my favorite)
This is my favvvvv ,crispy outside and melt on your mouth inside damn ,the choux skin is crispy and i think the taste is layered ,the deeper you bite you will taste the sweet soft cream and last you will bite the crispy choux skin and i really love it ,this is a MUST try.

After taste the amazing cakes it's time to take photossss. Took photo with ce Lina from

And one more photo hahaha

Well this is my cappuccino, it's just and ordinary one but i love the latte art ,i hope i can learn it someday hahaha.

A zip of refreshing cappuccino.

So this is Mr.Kenny the owner of milestone coffee and also azucar bake shop.He explained the cake that he made.


The infamous Azucar cookiea and biscuits are really different from any other ,the owner is really innovative to make a flavorful cookies and biscuits.He also made the spicy cookies and i really love the taste because it was so different from any other and flavorful.

Look at these azucar lovely boxes ,so cute >. <

Well back to Milestone coffee ,this is the waffle nachos. So one more innovative food made by Mr.Kenny and this is also my favorite  ,i always order waffle nachos everytime i go to Milestone coffee. So the actual nachos are made from tortilla chips but this one is made of waffle so the waffle is quite crispy and then it goes with bacon , bell pepper and lots of Mozarella cheese. It taste like heaven .please try it people hahaha


This is the taco I can't talk about the taste because I'm allergic to egg and unfortunately this taco contains egg. Hmmm but from the looks it's really tempthing though.

Am I a good photographer? It takes like 5 times though to get this photo hahaha

Time to group photo.
Up (left to right) : Martalina , Dini's friend , Jessica Alicia ,Jessica Liani , Tabitha , Michelle
Down (left to right ) : Dini , Liona , Mr.Kenny , Me(Angie) , Aileen


Ingredient : flour ,almond meal , butter , salt ,sugar ,skim milk ,tea leaf , milk

Taste : first bite hmmm i kinda amazed how the taste of milk tea is on the biscuit, actually this biscuit is not so crunchy but the texture is real nice ,soft and done in one bite. The smell also milky. But since I'm not a big fan of milk tea so this biscuit is just ok. You guys who loves milk tea should try this though


Ingredient : flour, almond meal , butter , salt , sugar , shichimi,cream , cheese

Taste : this is love , it taste sooooo goooddddd damn it has savory and spicy taste and i loveee savory and spicy.the savory comes from the cheese and the spicy comes from the shichimi. At first you will taste the cheese and after that you got burst by shichimi damn i love it ao much.I shoul buy this again. RECOMMENDED!


Ingredient : flour, almond , butter, salt, sugar, black sesame , egg yolk

Taste : This black sesame one is crunchy and i like the taste of black sesame.The reason why this cookies is cruncy is because the seed ,i think this is the one of the healthiest cookies.


JL. Bypass Ngurah Rai no. 88, next to minimart sindhu
8 AM - 11 PM
Email :

Instagram : @azucarbakeshop
Line : azucarbakeshop
Phone : 082144009396

Thank you so much for reading
Have a nice day
See you on my next post


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