Monday, August 8, 2016


Hello beautiful !
It's me again yours truly beauty blogger HAHAHA
so last week i went to an event with my fellow Bali beauty bloggers ,we were invited by Pac makeup to attend their makeup class in one famous mall in BALI aka Island of God aka My Hometown.

The event actually starts at 3 PM and i wrongly saw the pamphlet and I came early when no one was there. Nah,it's okay though early bird will always have some advantages LOL.First thing first i went over the room and take plenty of videos and photos but unfortunately I didn't have much memories on my camera and have to stop in the middle of the makeup class.sorry beauties ,i actually wanna make my first youtube video for my youtube channel *cry*.

The event took place in a well known restaurant in the mall,this restaurant is really pretty,it was in front of the sea like you can barely see the sea .

When I saw this I was like oh my God I hope I can bring you home until i saw the secondhand sponge HAHAHA and fortunately I brought my own brushes.

This is Mbak Yuli from PAC cosmetics and she was explaining about PAC cosmetics district X series which just came out in the beginning of this year.

Me and PAC District X series

So most of PAC Cosmetics District X series' color is a strong and bright color which is excellent for photoshoot,dancers,singers and maybe like a fashion modelling because it will probably shining bright like a diamond. HAHAHA

It's me with my fellow Beauty Bloggers Bali (Left to right : Kak Ayu from ,the model , Joy Makeup artist , Kak Shani from , Me , and Ce Jessica Liani from ).


So the products I swatch on my hand,I also did the swatch on my face and this is the result 

The eyeliner is a pencil eyeliner ,the color i'm not a fan of it but it's really good when you apply it in your under eye ,for upper eye I prefer liquid or pen liner actually.

2.Blush On
Excellent ,pretty OMG so they have 2 blush on color ,one is peach and one is pink so what i did is mix them and apply it on my face and it became like a perfect pinky peach blush on the same like you got sun kissed. Actually if you use it separately ,the peach color one is to soft and the pink color one is really bright that's why i mix it to make it a perfect blush on color.

3.Brow Pencil
It's a love hate thingy with this pencil because I've loved the soft brow color before and now i really love the medium brown color for my brows. Their brow pencil is easy to use but the color is really soft that you have to apply it over and over again if you like deep brow color like me.In other hand it's good for everyday eyebrow looks.

4.Eyeshadow /Highlighter
So the white eyeshadow here can be used also for highlighter which is good,and wallet friendly HAHAHA. This eyeshadow aka highlighter is pigmented and bright,so so pretty.

VOILA !! I know now why everyone turns beautiful with makeup HAHAHA but also you have to wear with with confident.Why the right and left side on her face isn't the same? So MUA Joy shared to use how to make makeups for adult on the left side and how to did makeup for teenager on the right side.I just love how simple it is but with techniques .

I've said earlier that the view is really pretty from the restauant and this is the view ,so pretty right? 

After the event was done i came downstairs and grab something to eat and also search for pokemon.No i didn't get much pokemon :(



Thank you so much for inviting us, I hope we can collaborate in the next event
and also thank you so much beauties for reading as always I love you guys,
have a nice day and God bless you 



  1. Huhuhu unfortunately I couldn't come that day...I never try PAC product but It worth a try, I think.

    1. See you at next event kak 😘 yes it is,i really love the blush though :)

  2. Kelasnya keren. Sayang kemarin aku gak tau ada kelas ini. >.<

  3. lengkaap bangeeet stepnya gie *0* ehhh waktu itu ak di pizza hut banyak yg pasang lure loh hahahax


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