Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ladies Heaven - Rob Peetoom

Hey Guyssss, I'm back ! How are you beauties? hope you guys doing good. So this is a super super late post but I have to post it anyway. Today I will talk about the heaven treatment by Rob Peetoom Saloon.It's really nice and you guys really have to try it.

I went there with my mom because I tought she has to be spoiled like a princess for one day.So I brought her along to the Rob Peetoom Saloon. We had hair treatment and nail treatment.

 So the three photos before are Rob Peetoom Saloon beautiful sight. I really love the rice field behind Rob Peetoom Saloon. It makes me really peaceful and make me feel a lot more comfortable. My mom and I not also enjoying the treatment but we were also enjoying the sight. And most of the Saloon buildings are separated so it lets the wind blows so its not so hot.

And we were spoiled by Rob Peetoom with their ginger teas and also cookies. The ginger teas were really nice and made our bodies warmer. And after that, we wait for our turn to get the treatment.

So the first thing that they did is checking my hair condition,they checked my hair with a hair tool which i forgot the name that can zoom in you hair and you can see your hair condition in their laptop.

pic 1

pic 2
Different part of hair have a different hair condition , so you could see in pic one ,my hair condition is pretty good and it has new baby hair grow around the front part of my head. And continue to middle and back part of my head,my hair seems having some dandruff problem. She said that my hair is a bit dry along with some dandruff on it.

After hair check she took hair treatment ,shampoo,etc.All of their hair products are from KERASTASE .Kerastase poducts are amazing,it works on my hair,it made me feel refresh and all dandruffs on my hair are less than before.My hair feel so smooth and shiny.super love it.
While they did the treatment to my hair,my mom was enjoying massage and her nail polishing.

So happy to brought mom along,she looked so relax and enyoying her treatment haha.My mom nail's was polished by OPI gel polished and it last super long ,i thought i last for two weeks without any damage and since her nail growth was quite fast so she ad to remove it after two weeks.But i think it was really great.

After hair treatment and then my hair got steam like yeah steam hahaha.They also polished my nails with OPI nail polish.They did it so tidy and neat. I probably come here again to do the nail polish.

Voila ,nails done and time to dry andd blow my hair.


1.Hair Treatment (9/10)

For the hair treatment I gave Rob Peetoom 9 out of 10 because all the things are perfect here. From the structure of the hair tratment, from hair check, hair products which are good for our hair condition, and the hair treatment itself,all of it was super accurate.

2.Manicure and Pedicure (8/10)

For the manicure and pedicure in Rob Peetoom hair spa ,i give them 8 out of 10 because it's almost the same with another nail saloon or hair saloon ,overall it's pretty good and the results turns out really tidy and doesn't damage the nails.

with Mr.Rob Peetoom


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2.Beachwalk Shopping Center


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