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Get ready for a valentine's date

Hello lovebirds or well singlebirds? hahaha no worries ,taken or single is just a status.You don't have to think about it but let's think about what will you do today on valentines day.Well I'm having a date.Nope not with my boyfriend since he lives far away but I'm having a date with myself LOL.
sounds creepy enough?hahaha let's just get started.

Well love yourself before you can love others,how to love yourself is to love your own skin.first thing first is mask time.

1.Wash your face with cleansing foam (I'm using Innisfree Olive real cleansing foam with extra virgin olive oil) and rinse it with luke warm water.
2.Make sure your face is dry and clean.Put the mask on your face (I'm using Missha secret recipe rice mask)
3.Wait for 10-15 minutes after It dries and wash it with lukewarm water until there's no mask left.


1.After your face is clean ,use toner (I'm using Etude House pink vital water facial toner)
2.After toner you can use essence ,serum,etc but because I left my skincare in china so yeah I skip that and straight to moisturizer(I'm using Laneige waterbank ultra moisture cream)
3.Don't forget to use sunscreen,spread it on face evenly (I'm using The Face shop natural sun eco aqua sun gel)


1.I'm using my Innisfree bb cushion as the base,dab it evenly on the face.
2.Apply concealer on the red area,under eye,uneven color and dab it with sponge or foundation brush. I'm using my foundation brush here. After that apply loose powder.
3.Apply liquid highlighter on the bridge of your nose,forehead,cheekbones and cupid's bow.
4.Use brow pomade to draw your brows(It's easier to use and it's perfect to make great eyebrows shape)
5.Apply eyemakeup (picture down below)
6.Apply soft pink blush and apply it on the apple of your cheeks.
7.Use powder highlighter to highlight the bridge of your nose,forehead,cheekbones and cupid's bow.
8.Apply bronzer/contour just below the cheeks( to create slim face looks)
9.Apply lipstick 
10. Spray some setting spray to make it last longer.


1.Apply a bit of concealer on both of the eyelids
2.Apply the liquid highlighter as the eyebase
3.Brush soft pink eyeshadow from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyelids.
4.Apply black eyeshadow on the outer corner of your lids and blend it until there's no harsh line.
5.Apply gold eyeshadown in the center of your lids and silver eyeshadown in in the tear line.
6.Apply eyeliner.


1.Spray on vitamin spray
2.Style your hair,I straighten my hair here but not all just to make sure It's still look natural
3.You can leave your hair like that ,bun it, braid it just what you like.


1.Laneige Water Bank Ultra Moisture Care
2.The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel
3.Etude House Pink Vital Water Facial Toner
4.Missha Secret Recipe Rice Mask
5.BH Hollywood California Makeup Palette (for highlighter,bronzer,eyeshadow)
6.Benefit Feelin Dandy (Dandelion blush and high beam)
7.Innisfree Water Cushion (C21)
8.Innisfree Mineral Stick Concealer (N0.2)
9.Sephora Beauty Amplifier Translucent loose Powder
10.Nivea Lipbalm
11.Sephora Rouge Shine (No.11)
12.Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade (medium brown)
13.Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting spray
14.Mizzu Eyeliner
15. Innisfree Olive real cleansing foam with extra virgin olive oil


1.Real Techniques Multi Task Brush
2.Real Techniques Essential Crease Brush
3.Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush
4.Real Techniques Setting Brush
5.Etude House Eyebrow Brush
6.Mac 275
7.Mac 231
8.Mac 214

MUCH LOVE FROM angiebeautydiaries.blogspot.com ❤

Actually It's a collaboration makeup for valentine ,check us out !

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  1. woaahhh lengkaap bangeet gie pake buat tutorialny pula *o* ihihi sm aku jg biasany sblm pke make up maskeran dulu biar efek muka lebih segeer :D kamuuu cantikkk bangeet sihhhhh suka deh sm warna lipenny cocok banget :-*


    1. Makasih kak shanii 😘😘😘😘
      Iya bener maskeran dulu rasanya lebih seger

  2. So prettyyyy! Glowing & shining. Aku sampai skrg belum sukses pakai highlight se-caem ini nih.. Harus makin rajin latihan nihh hihi..

    1. Thank you nabilaa ,ini sih highlight nya yg bagus pake high beam benefit hehehe smangatt <3

  3. Pampering yourself is a great idea on Valentines Day. That's true, you don't have to go on a date with someone to enjoy the day.

  4. Loving yourself is the greatest love of all. We cannot love another person unless we love ourselves first. Pampering yourself to prepare for a special day makes you confident and relaxed and fun to be with.

    1. I agree ,pampered yourself and makeup for woman is like an armor of confident ,just loving yourself and that's it

  5. Your skin looks great! I guess the Korean skin care is also working wonders on you as it does with me! :D Anyway, I love the look and I think you look great! :)

    1. Thank you michelle ,i know right I think for a glowy skin you need korean skin care because they're famous for it

  6. The title actually got actually pulled me into checking out the content.. haha never thought it was about a product thought but i think it really nice to read about things like this. i'll be endoring these to my friends especially girls.. im sure they'll love the product :)

    1. Hahha sure , most of girls love makeup i think

  7. whoaaa super pretty, alisnya kece banget deh..kepo liat skin care nya angie <3

    1. Thank you kak diniii ,okaayy nanti aku post ya skincare aku hehe rata2 korea punya sih

  8. You look gorgeous. Happy Valentine's Day to you... The eyemakeup especially looks stunning.

  9. So prettyyyy!i'll be endoring these to my friends especially girls

  10. Wow, nice collaboration~Love how you use that eye shadow, my eyes are wide-set, so that doesn't really work~

  11. wow. you are very beautiful. a very natural beauty! i like how you prepare for Valentines dy lol.

    -Elizabeth O.

  12. I had to google cupid's bow! You are sooo pretty. Your makeup looked to natural and dewy. I realize that even with such a simple-looking makeup, there are so much steps involved!

  13. This looks cool. You look great in after photo.

  14. May I ask what`s the SPF of The Face shop natural sun eco aqua sun gel? You did really well with your make-up look.

    ❀Grace ❀

    1. Thank you so much ,it's spf 40 and PA +++


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