Friday, August 12, 2016

Silkworm Cocoon by MI (sponsored)

Hello beauties, all of you must know about silk which is material of blanket , pajamas , clothes , and any textile which are pretty pricey and came with a perfect quality. Silk came from silkworm cocoon. Silkworm cocoon is a cocoon from silkworm's saliva,yes sounds yuck but you have to know this :


‘Women have used oils from the cocoon as a moisturiser for over a thousand years. It’s wonderful stuff, packed full of healing properties,’ he says. ‘When you soak the cocoon, you release sericin, the substance that binds the silk thread together. This is an amazing protein, containing 18 amino acids, which will definitely help your complexion.’
He explains that sericin acts as a thin film over the face, sealing in moisture to keep skin hydrated.
What’s more, he says, it’s been shown to replenish collagen, the substance that keeps skin elastic. (Source : click here)

Aaaaaaanddddd how lucky I am @prettyrecipe / @bymi.official sent me a package of Silkworm Cocoon. Thank you so much I'm such a happy girl hahaha. In the package they write the description and also how to use.


1.You have to wash your face first
2. soak the silkworm cocoon in warm water (40 C) for 5 minutes
3.Place the silkworm cocoon in forefinger and rub gently to your face
4.Focus on the area of blackheads and acne scars

So this is the result after I used it. You can see the dirts and dust on my face right into the silkworm cocoon. This had been love at first use hahaha. RECOMMENDED!! It's not because i was sponsored but next time i will buy it too because it comes with a promising results and i think you should try it too and for beauties above 30's ,it can reduce wrinkles too so try this and you won't be disappointed.

After rubbing silkworm cocoon to my face ,i felt that my face is brighter and also smoother, I can't see the changes to my blackheads and acne scar maybe beacuse it's a first try but I was satisfied with silkworm cocoon results.

RATING : 9.5/10

1.Easy to use 
2.Travel friendly
3.Hydrates,brightens,and makes our face smoother 
4.Affordable price (IDR 55k)
5.Doesn't cause breakouts

1.May cause wet floor LOL (better use it in the bathroom after wash)



LINE / TELEGRAM : @prettyrecipe
BB PIN :53AF1F!3
WHATSAPP : 082211888292

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  1. Wow! I never heard or tried this, looks like it work wonders! I got to try this, thanks!

  2. This is my first time of hearing of such, it won't be bad to try it out.

  3. this product has been around for a while and there has been so much raves about it! but i was hesitant about trying it out because it's not that convenient to use? the soaking part, i mean. but it seems like it's really a product that's worth the hassle?

  4. So after one application, do you dispose of the cocoon or do you wash it and reuse? It seems to be packaged in little sachets so I'm guessing it's disposable?

  5. Interesting. This is the first time that I've heard of using silk worm cocoon for the skin. I'm definitely trying this out.

  6. I have seen silkworm and their cocoons actually, but I had not heard of this use. Interesting. Are you able to use the cocoon over and over? If not, it may be too expensive for temporary effects.

  7. well it's nice to know about this product.Seems a good and promising one.Nice review.

  8. First time I c product like this... This is so cute and new to me.. :) Looks nice..

  9. Interesting. I've never seen such products before. I wonder if the silkworms have been harms in the process or if it's wasteful (just one time use?)

  10. the product itself looks interesting. I don't get how did the silkworms created those cocoons. but sure, it's interesting! It's new to me.

  11. This looks like a good beauty product. Is it all-natural? It`s an interesting product to try.

  12. I think it makes sense that it can be a beauty product. Silk worms for sure have been finely crafted by the cocoons so it must have something good in it.

  13. I think it can be great product if the benefits and effects correlate with usage description. Thanks for sharing

  14. Looks like you found an awesome product! Good to know that it works well on your skin. I appreciate that you also shared your experience with us, I'm sure a lot of women will like this product!

  15. The product from the detailed review looks good with optimal results performance springing forth on the users. I wouldn't mind getting this product as a gift for a friend.

  16. Sounds interesting. I've used silk worm cocoons in my school & college days to make hobby crafts... But later I stopped using silk even in clothing. Good to know it works for you!

  17. Some use it a cotton and this is the usual way in using this item, but now, silkworm. Forst time to know this beauty item, but I think, it's great!

  18. Halo Kak Angie :)
    Bagus banget kaaa hasilnyaa, kayaknya harus nyoba nih ^^

    XOXO, Cilla


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