Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fanbo Cosmetics Long Lasting Soft Matte Lipstick

Hello beauties , has been three months since I last blogged but well yeah here I am again reviewing about Fanbo Cosmetics new line which is Long lasting soft matte lipstick. I actually really surprised that my little sister chat me that I got new package months before. I thought I end reviewing package before I went back to China to continue my study but big thanks to Fanbo Cosmetics for sending me this lovely package. Thank you so much.

Okay let's move on to the review.

The lipstick packagings are made of plastic and It's retractable like the others lipstick packaging.The color is bright red which is the good part because somehowIt's eyechatching. Although it's not the fanciest lipstick packaging I've seen but It's good though It doesn't break easily.

Fanbo Matte Lipstick
Long Lasting Soft Matte Lipstick
Written in the brochure :
So soft on lips with long lasting Matte effect, contains Vitamin E and UV filter that prevents lips to be dry and chappy and make our lip maintain healthy.


1.Tinted Style 
Swipe thinly on all the surface of your lips. It makes the color looks natural and thin on your lips.

2.Ombre Style
Swipe lipstick starting from center of your lips to the edge.(The color should be thicker on the center of the lips)

3.Blur Style
Swipe lipstick evenly on both lips then joint upper and bottom lips and make a blur.

4.Full Style
Swipe lipstick evenly on both lips and mainly also to the outer lips.

From left to right :
1. Classic Orange Red 
Red color mix with a bit of orange , suitable for summer 
2.Fun Purple Pink
Purplish pink ,almost like magenta ,suitable for barbie girl LOL
3.Young and Bold
This one is surely magenta 
4.Muted Pink Nude
My favorite color,nudy pink so natural really suitable for everyday look
5.Cute and Pretty pink
Almost like muted pink nude but a bit more pink.Also suitable for everyday look
6.Edgy Deep Brown
Brownish red color ,suitable for darker skin but also very edgy 
7.Natural Pearl
This color is like peachy pink, so fresh and cute
8.Pretty Salem
A calm pink ,almost like an innocent pink I personally like this color
9.Classic Blue Red 
Rose red ,like yes red ,bright red 
10. Bright Fuschia Pink
A really bright pink with a tiny tiny purple undertone.

Full swatches will be on my video later.

Okay overall I really love all the colors and I love It's not drying and ends up chappy on my lips but after 3 to 4 hours It's starting to be dry. Eventhough It said matte but I just found this creamy not like others matte lipstick.It's better to use lipbalm before applying this lipstick and lip gloss after applying this lipstick so in the end it won't end up drying and chappy.


1.Pretty Variant of colors
2.Contains Vitamin E and UV Filter
3.Easy to apply
4.Travel friendly
5.Cheap (about IDR 30000/ $3)
6.Smells nice

1.After 3-4 hours my lips starts to dry







  1. Wah asik ya dikirimin 10 shades. ^^
    Btw cakep2 angie fotonya!
    Jaman sekarang pada banyak bgt ya lip matte lokal dengan harga terjangkau. Thanks for sharing!

  2. fanbo ini aslinya emang bagus lipstiknya moist banget di bibir aku pnya 1pcs yg seri apa gt lupa prnah aku swatch di IG story

  3. Good article, you sharing is awesome, love it!

  4. a bit too drying for me too. yup better use lipbalm before and it makes a huge difference

  5. iya di ak jg brasa rada dry y after few hours, suka tp sm warna2ny, smwnya kelihatan keceeehh di kamu gie


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