Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Make Over Smokey Eyeshadow Palette (Sponsored)

Hello beauties, today I want to review a new eyeshadow palette from MAKE OVER. I was so excited because I love this brand and It's an Indonesian brand which I quite proud of.So last month they sent me a Smokey eyeshadow palette and a makeup pouch which written #EYECENTRIC.

The pouch is quite big and I've been using it for my makeup pouch.Their smokey palette itself I think is really cool and I really like the color. Actually It kinda reminds me of  the NYX smokey and nude palette.


The packaging itself is really cool i think ,It doesn't look cheap and I really love the elegant black color that really reminds me of Make Over brand.They have 8 shadows,contains 2 highlights,4 main colors and 2 shadows.

What I love about this palette are the colors are really pretty and pigmented.Andddd they made this palette along with the brush that i feel like wow It's amazing that it comes with the brush not just a usual eyeshadow applicator that can't blend well. Thumbs up for make over.

But let's be honest although the eyeshadow itself is pretty cool and almost perfect for a smokey eyeshadow palette but the bad thing about this palette is it's way too powdery and It fall out too much when you apply it in your eyelid (tips : use eye primer before using this eyeshadow)


I super love the thing about this eyeshadow pigmentation.It's really pigmented but when you apply it with the brush It's not that really pigmented ,okay let me say this again ,do use eye primer before using this eyeshadow.


I can't say much about Make Over new smokey eyeshadow palette because I really love this palette beside It is too powdery and I don't like the idea that it has to be messy in the eyes.I just simply think if you tap a bit harder It can stay in the eyes. So don't forget to use eye primer before and setting spray afterwards.And it will be perfect.Oh yeah almost forgot,this smokey eyeshadow palette is IDR 195K (USD16.25)


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